Zhai - clothing made from bamboo


I’d first discovered organic bamboo clothing back when I was pregnant. I was suddenly into all this eco stuff and really LOVED soft, organic fabrics on my skin (and growing belly!). And so I bought a few pieces of bamboo clothing whilst pregnant and they served me well because they were both comfortable as well as stretched well to accommodate my growing frame.

Oddly, bamboo clothing isn’t that popular in Singapore. I hardly ever see it! So I was pretty chuffed when I spotted Zhai, which had a little exhibition stall at Shaw House, right in the middle of the city.

Their bamboo clothing feels like liquid silk, and come in soft neutral colours. They are PERFECT for every day wear, as yoga clothing, and as maternity wear.

I bought the Mens polo shirt for Chris, in basic black. It’s the same polo shirt material as, say, Ralph Lauren.. just ridiculously soft. It’s thin and breathable, and sits really well the shoulders 🙂

Their Milk yogurt hand cream is doubling-up for me as a foot cream as well. It smells v yummy and is a rich mousse texture so it feels really moisturizing but isn’t oily on me.

Bamboo pink skirt, Milk yogurt hand cream, Bamboo mens polo shirt


Their Bamboo sun skirt is, by far, the best item IMHO. It’s so insanely soft and flowy! I love the swish when I wear it and it pairs well with my Alannah Hill tops since it’s a pretty ballet pink. It also comes in a dove grey, and black (which my girl friend bought).

Bamboo sun skirt


I also ordered on their online website (for a mere $29 inclusive of free shipping!) the Bamboo halter dress. It’s just as insanely soft as the skirt, but a more formal look since it works well as a cocktail dress. I never ever wear full black, so I could barely recognise my own body in it 😉 I think I will accessorize it with brightly coloured jewellery. ‘Cos for the price, I couldn’t give it up!

Bamboo halter dress




I’m planning to go to their larger store at Haji Lane, because I heard they also stock Bamboo shorts, and I want to try out this Bamboo v-neck top that I’m eyeing.

Hey, I figure these clothes work well now, and will take me through my next pregnancy, right 😛

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

You look insanely great in that halter dress for someone who had a baby not too long ago! I myself got the black wrap skirt; I wish I had waited a little longer – I got it for SGD56.00, couldn’t wear it due to my eczema flare-up, and a few months later, I got an online discount code which would’ve let me get it at SGD41.00.

Oh well. It is superbly comfy though! Am planning to get a couple of pieces more as soon as my eczema goes away..

YOu’re so lucky to get your body back, argh, I still look 5 months pregnant, blah, if not I’d soooo get the halter dress.

I’m sure you don’t! But, yes, my prob with the halter dress is that I have to stand up properly or I look pregnant too.. I think anyone does when they wear a slinky dress 😛

Oh I really love how simple those pieces are! How do you find the sizing? Is S their smallest size is there an XS that they are sold out of?

Yeah they do fabulous basics and OMG it’s so soft!

I wear their S size and I’m usually a XS/S in clothing. I think with bamboo, because it’s so soft and drapey, it looks nice if it’s not *too* tight 🙂

I’ve bought their shawl and totally love it as it is so soft and keeps me warm in the office. I am totally all for your next pregnancy! Hunter is so adorable and I can imagine a little sister or brother to play with him! I’m now well into week 8 and the baby has a strong heartbeat now. I’m so happy! =D

Ahh thank you Christine! My belly is def still flabby (I don’t know if it will ever go away??) but nothing some clothes can’t hide 😉