Food reviews - Singapore, Hunter, Playdates PS CAFE @ PALAIS RENAISSANCE 6 September 2011

PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
#02-09A Palais Renaissance

PRICE: $$$$

I’d never heard of PS. Cafe until recently. This one here at the Palais Renaissance isn’t entirely baby-friendly (a few stairs here and there, no high chairs only booster seats) but it has nice high ceilings and pleasant stuff which made up for it. Their white-washed walls offset with dark wood trimmings bring a relaxed vibe to the cafe and makes it a cute place for a playdate.

PS cafe in Palais Renaissance


If you've seen Hunter in real life, you'll know this is actually his 'default' expression. He's got quite the snobby face!


Look at my friend's lil girl at the back *squee*!!!


This adorable 10-month old girl eats like a champion. Hunter needs to learn from her...


The babies kept checking each other out and calling out to each other 😉


Hunter - not amused, as usual

Despite the casual-chic environment, prices are pretty high for what you get. Expect to pay around $25-$35 for a main, and of course extra for appetizers or desserts or drinks. We ended up coughing up around $50pp, which I consider pretty pricey for a ‘simple lunch’.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Root beer float with vanilla ice cream, which came out before my food arrived (it’s more of a dessert, I suppose). It came with quite a large scoop of ice cream and silly me dunked the whole ice cream in with my spoon and caused a bit of a tidal wave of root beer allllll over the table. Whoops!!

My main was one of the blackboard daily specials, a Pork Belly. I was rather astonished when it arrived… it was more of a salad. And rather mortified, because I’m a bit terrified of the thought (and reality) of having just a salad for lunch. Argh. Fortunately, whilst there were a lot of leaves, there were also quite a few large chunks of delicious pork belly. So all I had to do was push most of the salad aside and I still had a decent lunch. The Pork belly was tender and beautifully flavoured, though the crackling was more on the chewy than crunchy side.

My root beer float, which is my FAVOURITE drink in the entire world


My pork belly main, which had waaay too much salad for my liking
My pork belly main, which had waaay too much salad for my liking


400-day grain fed rump steak, char-grilled sour dough, crunchy greens, gingered garlic teriyaki glaze with toasted sesame, nori seasoned shoestring fries (SG$29)


Check out the Truffle shoestring fries with grated parmesan and parsley, tossed in truffle oil, below.  Just seeing the first 2 words on the menu and I was a goner. Can I possibly go without fries if I see it on the menu? NAH!!! That’s just crazy-talk.

The fries were lovely and crisp, but the truffle oil was so sparse that we could barely taste it. Only one small whiff here and there, and that was it. It was rather annoying to be honest, as given the price, I was expecting to be absolutely blown away with a burst of truffle.

Truffle shoestring fries with grated parmesan and parsley, tossed in truffle oil ($15)


But their Chocolate cake. Oh. My. It was a whopper of a slice (twice the size of a regular cake slice), and came out warm and fudgey, with chocolate sauce and a big scoop of ice cream. It. Was. AWESOME. The other girls thought it was a little on the sweet side, but I found it just perfect. I would come back for just this cake any day. In fact, looking at the photo below makes me want it again RIGHT NOWWWW!

See this chocolate cake? It was STUNNING. Served warm, wallowing in liquid chocolate, with a scoop of ice cream. Hooo baby...


I adore my Baba Luna sling. It's padded (comfy!) and so easy to pop Hunter in/out of


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I am drooling! The steak sandwich with sour dough bread! The fries! The chocolate cake with ice-cream! YUM! Like you, I CANNOT resist fries 🙂

hey Bev, I’m eyeing the sling you are using. Is it really that easy to use? Also, does it fold up small? Think I’m going to get me one of those. I have a ring sling but it’s so fiddly.

Yes its fab! I have others but this one has a cushion on the shoulder so it’s by far more comfy. I easily put Hunter in and out too cos no adjustment required after the first use.

I still use the Ergo but for quick trips I’ll use this sling. Hunter prefers it too I think cos he can sit at my hip and look forward – almost identical to when I carry him in my arms

mmm I LOVE chilled root beer floats too! Sadly I havent found one restaurant serving them here… Aside from the A&W canned root beer at the supermarkets, boo!