Chloe, Chloe's progress, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE CHLOE: 10 MONTHS OLD 1 May 2018

CRIPES… 10 months old!!

It’s true what the say – the months can pass swiftly without much changing, if you don’t have a baby. But when you have a baby, the progression you see in just a few months is astounding. It truly makes you STOP and realise how important it is to treasure the small things, because time can pass without us realising it.


This little Easter bunny had her first Easter.. decked out in shades of white, gold, and blush pink of course.

She’s at this particularly delicious stage where she’s alert and awake, so people can interact with her. And yet can’t walk by herself and still yearns to be cuddled, so people can enjoy immense cuddles. I realise now, 3 kids later, it’s so important to enjoy this.. because my boys are so grown up (in comparison) and definitely don’t love unadulterated cuddles as they used to.


Chloe is a HANDFUL. She is the fiercest, the most demanding, and the most tempestuous baby I HAVE EVER KNOW. EVER.

She is pretty much the exact opposite of the quiet, shy, smiley little girl I’d imagined I’d have. Now that she’s found her voice (and hoo boy, has she ever!), no one is safe.. she gives everyone – including her stuffed toys – a firm dressing down, should she be the slightest bit unhappy about… anything.

See the photo above? I think she was fiercely arguing with herself in the mirror.

Fortunately, her smiles, though reserved only for specific people and only fleeting, are absolutely endearing to me. Cheeky, much?!


She can now easily sit by herself without fear of tipping over, a valuable skill when she has 2 older brothers that are running amok in the living room.

As a third child, she’s used to:

  • Being dragged around, backwards, by her ankles
  • Getting kneed in the head
  • Getting kicked
  • Having random objects dropped on her
  • Putting up with tons of noise

Don’t feel sorry for her, though. She reigns as QUEEN of the household and the boys have to acquiesce to everything she demands.


To her delight, she can now cruise around the place. Now that she’s mobile, nothing is out of bounds to her and her greatest joy is standing at the window to admire the view/river outside. Look at that happy face!


She is ultra tiny…. at 6.3KG. STILL!!! She can’t seem to gain any weight, despite having a really good appetite.

She is directly breastfed 4x a day.
She has solids 3x a day.
She has snacks 2x a day.

And yet… half the size of her older brothers at the same age, and raises eyebrows of everyone that meets her in real life for the first time.

Like Carter (and definitely not like Hunter), she insists on eating whatever I am eating. This little greedy guts loves to try out new foods, and likes everything except for bananas, yogurt and avocado (strangely, Hunter’s 3 favourite foods when he was a baby!).


This photo above was taken straight after she woke up from a nap. Her typical “Where’s the party? I’m awake and RARING TO GO!” look.

She sleeps about 11 hours overnight as a norm, which is pretty good. Naps are 40mins, unless I hold her down and she can do another 40min cycle. I’d say 50/50 is the possibility of her going down easily for a nap.. as half the time she will scream the roof off.


It makes me feel really blessed when the two boys dote on Chloe, put up with all her crap, and fuss over her. All 3 of their faces, when they ‘meet’ again after school, truly brings so much joy to me!

She’s my only baby that makes it VERY obvious that I’m her #1, so for that I’m grateful.. as I get the most crap from her. At least I know I’m loved, right?!


Family pic! Which has made me realise we should take a family pic every month and chronicle it…

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