The kids had their wish come true today…. they got to be pilots and train in a REAL academy!

We drove all the way out to Changi, where SG Aviation Training is located. They have MOE licensed instructors to provide kids with a hands-on education experience on… how to fly! With a fully immersive programme, it was safe to say the kids had a blast.


This little boy has dreams of flying. What kid doesn’t? And nothing like doing it legit-style, right.

SG Aviation Training have also infused Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) curriculum set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) into their programmes, which can help students improve their knowledge of Physics and Math.


Classroom session, to kick it all off. The boys specifically asked “Are they REAL pilots, Mummy? Or just regular people dressed up as pilots?”

I was relieved when I could answer, YES, they are real pilots!

The kids are educated on the history of aviation, physics, and aerodynamics. All totally new concepts to my boys, so they were really fascinated… note how they sat FRONT AND CENTRE 😉


There were a 5 stations that the kids were divided among, each with an instructor to take them through various aviation concepts.

Here, the kids are learning about flight controls and how to operate them to fly and land a plane.


This blew the kids’ minds… the full motion jet simulator! It’s where pilots train, and is a fully immersive experience.


Looking a bit like the scene out of a movie.. there are two of these large full motion jet simulators, which are very impressive to behold in real life.


A little sneak peek of the inside, which looks exactly like the cockpit of an aeroplane.


A few video clips of the boys trying their hand at the different simulators. It was like a giant computer game for them!


Like in a video arcade.. a computer screen was set up with plane controls to practice flying a plane.


Inside the Cessna 172 Simulator, with a curved screen so it feels like the real thing. It provides all the experience of flying a real plane, without the risk, so kids can learn to their heart’s content.

Special June Holiday 20 hour programme @ SG Aviation Training

This June holiday, students from upper primary and secondary school levels can immerse themselves in the world of aviation with SG Aviation Training’s Basic Aviation Course with Aptitude Flying.

For three hours per session, students gain an introduction to aeronautics with lessons that cover the principles of flight, the parts of an airplane and the purpose of different flight instruments. They will also learn more about basic flight operations, weather conditions for flight and an introduction to fundamental aviation language.

The final element of the course will be letting the students test their skills on a Cessna 172 flight simulator where they can experience flying for the very first time.

Date: Five Saturdays during the June holidays (2 June, 9 June, 16 June, 23 June, 30 June)

Time: 10am – 1pm (3 hours per session) Total course hours: 20 hours

Fee: $385


  1. Introduction to Aeronautics (6 hours) – Understand the principles of flight, the parts of an airplane, flight instrumentation
  2. Meteorology (2 hours) – Understand how weather and wind conditions affect flight
  3. Basic Flight Operations (3 hours) – Learn more about the airport environment, what pilots need to take note of when taking off and landing on a runway
  4. Radio telephony (2 hours) – Learn basic aviation language that pilots use all over the world for communication
  5. Aptitude Flying (5 hours) – Practice flight knowledge in the Cessna 172 flight simulator
    Sign up at [email protected] or call 84050939 for more details.




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