Cool Finds IKEA HACK: make your own earrings holder 28 April 2015

Earrings holder Ikea hack

I made my own earrings holder, that is very affordable and VERY functional!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Buy the Ikea VARIERA shelf (only US$5.99). It’s made of steel – very strong – and comes with a white powder coating – very chic. Chuck away the metal legs. You won’t need them!
  2. Get two sticky hooks with thin metal hooks. It has to be thin metal hooks, because they need to fit through the small holes. You’ll see mine in the top-left and top-right corners of the rack.
  3. Stick on the hooks, then simply pop the shelf on! I personally like hanging mine on the inside door of a cupboard.


There are a zillion little holes there, so you can hang your earrings in various ways. It also holds a LOT of earrings. I’ve got about 30 pairs of earrings in the photo above, and you’ll see there’s heaps of room to spare. But if you have more earrings, just buy another shelf and stick it on below!





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