FASHION WHAT I WORE… 27 February 2015



…for the first day of Chinese New Year.

Since I was a little girl, I never wore all black, or neutrals for that matter. But come 2015, I’ve suddenly done an about-turn and can’t seem to get enough of neutrals!

(Chris is happy I’m finally starting to dress my age) 😉

I got this dress a week or two before Chinese New Year, so I thought it could pass off as the “must wear new clothes for Chinese New Year” thing. Only problem? THERE’S NO RED! And that is a big no no for Chinese. Gotta have red for, y’know, fortune and good luck and all sorts of stuff.

So I paired it with red heels. Good enough 😉

I actually really like this dress because it’s one of those bandage dresses. It holds you in and cinches in your waist, so I do think it makes you look more….. streamline. There’s still rolls and bulges here and there in real life (ie. when I’m not purposely standing up tall for the camera), but it’s a lot more flattering than if I were to wear a slinky skin-tight silk dress!

And it looks just like Herve Leger. I got a Herve Leger skirt awhile back, and I’ve always liked how it looks really flattering on. But, considering Herve Leger dresses cost like $5k or so (!), they were waaaay out of my league.

But this one is a great lookalike, for something like $50-70 (can’t remember)! I got it at a shop at Far East Plaza that sells TONS of these bandage style dresses and skirts. I know ladies my age pooh pooh at Far East Plaza and consider the shops dodgy and for cheap teenagers, but I love that place. The stuff’s so cute and I like all the little boutiques! In fact, I went today and bought a ton of bras for only $7 each – what a bargain!

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