Beauty, Events THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE…. 12 September 2014

……. is this.

DoveBefore02(non-edited photo of freshly washed, air-dried, brushed hair, with zero product)


I was born with naturally kinky (really not as fun as it sounds) and naturally frizzy hair. It’s been so uncontrollable that I have chemically straightened my hair for….. wait for it….. 15 years straight. Most people have actually never seen my ‘real’ hair, ever!

But, I did my last chemical straightening about a year ago, and most of it has grown out now. Which means, HELLO NATURAL HAIR. Welcome back.

Or not.

I’m testing a cool new hair product currently! I’m interested to see how they go on my gloriously natural kinky and frizzy hair. Let’s see how it goes!


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