Birthdays, HOLIDAYS, Living in... Singapore, Staycation - Sentosa SENTOSA STAYCATION FOR MY 32ND BIRTHDAY 23 October 2013

What. The. Hell.

I gave myself a royal fright typing up this blog title.

AM I REALLY 32 YEARS OLD??!?!?!?!??!?!  

That’s, like, the age where you’re all grown up (by far). When you’re usually married with kids. The whole works and jerks.

And, obviously, I am all those things. But I always envisioned people in their 30s to be “aunties”…. AND I’M ONE OF THEM!

Well… no point feeling bummed out that I’m only getting older. Life’s good, and I love watching my kids grow up.. so that’s all part of the “getting older” process, right 😉

But anyway, I turn 32 yrs old on 31st October.

And so last weekend, my parents got Chris and I a staycation at Sentosa for my birthday!

In Singapore, a “staycation” means staying in a hotel, whilst you’re still in the same country. When I describe it, it sounds positively silly. And I’ve never really been an advocate for them. But in reality, it’s actually really nice! You don’t feel the ‘urgency’ of day to day life, you really do feel like you’re on holiday, and you don’t have the usual distractions like tv/computer/etc.

And, obviously, you haven’t paid for a plane flight, so it’s way cheaper than a proper holiday.


The kids came over during the day so we could all hang out and do family-friendly activities together, then Mum and Dad took them home at night for dinner/bathtime/bedtime.

We stayed at the Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa, which has the most kickass location – just smack in the middle where all the action is.

Mövenpick Heritage Hotel Sentosa – Carter was endlessly fascinated with the lion, making roaring sounds every time we left/entered the hotel.


Sunlit hotel lobby


More of the lobby and lounge area (with a napping Hunter)


Outfit of the day! Joules top, Pumpkin Patch Kids shorts, Bottega Veneta bag.


Hotel bed. As expected, the kids looooved playing on this!


Yummy breakfast


The pool at the hotel is decent but nothing spectacular. It’s ‘boxed’ in by the hotel, which is really strange.. as it offers no views. Strange, because we’re in Sentosa with lots of pretty ocean views! The kids didn’t care though. They had a blast in there.

Hotel pool


Cooling off


Blowing bubbles


Fun in the sun!


Eating Movenpick ice cream….. of course!

THANKS Mum and Dad! Was such a perfect way to celebrate. First night ever away from the kids. EPIC. I’ll never forget it 😉


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Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Try Rasa Sentosa next time for pool with a view and easy access to the beach! Rather kids-friendly too. I did the first staycation with kids there!