Birthdays, Family, Living in... Singapore, Staycation - Sentosa TURNING 32: CHILLING OUT IN SENTOSA 26 October 2013

Like I said, the fun part about a staycation in Sentosa is being able to cavort around the island without feeling that need or rush to head home. Just the simple knowledge of knowing that our hotel is right there really does make us relax and feel like we’re on a proper holiday!

My parents brought the kids over during the day, since Sentosa holds great fun for children. And they had a blast 🙂 We covered perhaps 2% of activities to do there, but the kids were satisfied and so happy on their “Sentosa holiday”!

One of their favourite activities was riding the train and the tram. Both are free within Sentosa island. I’m pretty sure Hunter would have sat on both endlessly if no one stopped him 😉

On board the tram


We took the kids to play in sand and water by Palawan Beach. I’ll be blunt – it’s kinda crappy. Guess we’re used to the beaches in Australia! Or maybe it was our unlucky day and Palawan Beach wasn’t nice that day? Or maybe other areas around Sentosa has better beaches and we just randomly selected the not-so-good one.

The sand was murky with lots of unindentified dark bits in it… and the water was opaque and a not-so-lovely shade of grey/mud. Gak!

The weird-looking sand and a dead crab.


That said the sand further away from the water was more ‘normal’ and pretty pleasant to walk in. Surprisingly, Hunter was (relatively) ok with it!

Hunter, tolerating (just barely!) his walk on the beach


There were these teeny tiny crabs making tiny balls of sand. So cute!!


There was this suspension bridge that led to a mini-island, touted as “the southern-most point of south east asia”. It was long and narrow and quite fun! I was surprised that Hunter wasn’t wigged out by it and had fun stomping up and down on the bridge. It’s pretty cute for kids to play on 🙂

At the suspension bridge


That’s me carrying all our swim gear. But we weren’t so keen on swimming after seeing the state of the water…


Playing around on the bridge, making it wobble!


We gave Carter another go on the sand and rocks.

It was a NO GO.

Unhappy on the rocks..




Carter, wailing miserably on the sand 😛


 See what I mean?

My monsters


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Looks like a fun way to spend your birthday!

We also crossed that suspension bridge and took a photo of us at the most southerly part of continental Asia (9 years ago).