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Aaaaaannnddddd…. here’s our Mad Hatter and Alice In Wonderland!

I reckon their poses, especially Alice’s, are hilarious.

Wonderland Art Studio specialise in the whimsical and the fantastical. The aim to delight your child and treat them as a superstar for the day, transforming them into the fairy tale character, superhero, or whatever they fancy.

The reason the studio is pretty cool is because it’s not your regular ‘ol photography studio, where the whole family goes to take ‘real life’ photos that later get hung up in your living room. What this studio does do is treat your child into being a particular character that they love, and you go home with a fantasy-style portrait of your child.

In short, Wonderland Art Studio creates photographs for your child’s delight, not for your own. 

My two kids were actually particularly cantankerous during the photoshoot. Even Carter, who normally is my easygoing photo model! So I was actually quite surprised when the studio sent me back these photos, and the kids all look really happy 😉

Wonderland03 Wonderland04


Personally, I feel this style of dress-up photoshoot works well with a child that loves the idea of dressing up as their favourite character, and indulges in pretend-play. Both my kids are on the young side, and, being boys, have zero interest in “becoming someone else”. The concept is beyond them, so they were a bit stunned with all the costumes!

However, their 5 year old friend adores dress up, and knows about Alice In Wonderland, Snow White, etc. She was only too obliging to get dressed up and pose in front of the camera.

And pose she did!



We squeezed in a few impromtu and candid family shots. If you’re wondering why the boys are almost naked, it’s because both thought it would be perfectly appropriate to strip themselves, and prance around the whole studio, photobombing away.

Well, at least they kept their diaper/underwear on! 😉



Wonderland Art Studio offers fairytale and whimsical photography (like this one), family photograph, birthday party photography, and heaps more. They also recently launched their Frozen photoshoot – which is causing a mad rampage among all the little girls out there!

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