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Please ignore me looking like crazy paparazzi there.. that’s not the point of this story. I’m writing this here to remember this incidence, because it really made my heart melt.

My kid Hunter isn’t a thoughtful kind of person. This doesn’t bug me much,  because most 3 year olds aren’t. Anyway, he’s mostly absorbed in his own world and I don’t often see moments of empathy from him (except when he spots “owwwws” on others, that he gets very worried and empathetic about!)

We were at the Polo Club with my mum’s eldest sister and her husband, and took a little stroll after our meal. Hunter spotted Grandpa (that’s what he calls him, I guess he must’ve seen/learned in school that Grandpas are old and doddery?? A bit weird since he also calls Chris’ dad Grandpa, and he’s all young and spritely!) and Grandpa was walking along veerrrrryyyyyy s-l-o-w-l-y.

He watched Grandpa for a bit, slooowwwwllyyyy walking down the path.

Then he went up, put his little hand in Grandpa’s hand, and said “Let me help you, Grandpa”.

It was the sweetest moment!!!!! 

He did abandon poor Grandpa about two mins later, when he got distracted by people playing tennis, but the thought was there 😉

Hunter even remembered the event later, recollecting it and mimicking how slowly Grandpa was walking, explaining that was why he wanted to hold his hand – to help him walk.

It was only a small gesture. But it made me proud 🙂

HunterPolo01 HunterPolo02

That day was also the day that I saw Hunter, for the first time, make a friend – all by himself. He simply ‘connected’ with this kid, and they had a blast together! It was wonderful to see him approach someone, make friends, and then run off to the playground together to have some fun.

He keeps asking about “Matt”, his friend, to this day.

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