HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Living in... Singapore WATERWORKS @ SCIENCE CENTRE 5 March 2014



It was an insanely hot and humid day, as they are getting to be in the past few weeks (and counting!). So I thought, what better way to cool off than to chuck the kids in some water?

We are members of the Science Centre, which has turned out to be one of the best investments ever because we’ve been there a squillion times! The kids never get tired of the place, and best of all, it also includes free entry to WaterWorks, their water playground.

 ScienceCentreWaterworks02 ScienceCentreWaterworks03

What I love about WaterWorks is that, once you change their kids into their swim gear, you can just sit back and let them play. You don’t have to bother changing into your own swimmers, because the place is designed to keep you dry (ie. water doesn’t spray everywhere). It’s also very self-contained so kids can’t really go wandering off and get lost.

My kids particularly liked this fountain water feature, that they could run in and out of, like a spiral maze!


Scooping water from the spouts:


What a nice little outdoor activity, and a fun treat after visiting the Science Centre. So remember, if you visit the Science Centre, pack along some swimmers and a towel for your kids… so you can hit the WaterWorks afterwards!

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