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Happy Monday guys!

Guess what I checked out last week?

It looks like a spa….. and it looks like a gym. It’s both. It’s a whizzbang gorgeous and gigantic gym, called Aileron Wellness, located in Amara Sanctuary Resort in Sentosa.

I was there to do a personal training session with Mums In Sync!

It was reaaaallllyyyyy needed because, errr, remember how I started exercising a few weeks ago? I’ve actually been a good girl, and jogging a solid 3.5-4KM three times a week. That’s not much for you smug ol’ fitness people (I can practically hear you scoffing from here!), but it’s helluva lot for someone that’s a bit of a lazy ass and hasn’t exercised in years. But the problem was, I think I amped it up too quickly – so I was left with sore ankles (I limp when I walk), tender kneecaps, and a killer tailbone that had me unable to sit/stand properly. Eek!

Kareen at Mums In Sync took one look at me, and immediately decided what I needed to do first-and-foremost was to strengthen my core and build up the necessary muscles for jogging.

And that’s the point of Mums In Sync personal training: they are for ordinary mums (like you and me) that want to be fit, healthy and confident.

So this below is Kareen. And before I talk about her, I’ll admit that I do think the whole concept of personal training is a bit suss. I’ve been for some before, many years ago, and all I thought was “Errr.. I can do these exact same things at home/gym, on the exact same machines, for the exact same timings.” Basically, I can re-create what a personal trainer does, do it myself, and no need to spend money!!

So what I really liked about these guys was that it’s so tailored for me – it was specific around my injuries, and how to heal and strengthen. They use machines and techniques that aren’t in regular gyms, and oooooooooooooooooohhhhhh their Pressure Point Therapy massage is a winner!

I had one of the guy trainers fiddle down there at my tailbone, giving me a massage. But THAT’S another story for another day.

Back to Kareen! Here she is:


I wasn’t sure whether to be amazed or to be annoyed with her.

She gave birth around the same time I did to Hunter, 3 years ago. SHE GAVE BIRTH TO TWINS. She also put on 30KG. Are you freaked out yet?

And then, somehow, she looks like the way she does now. Man, that’s major motivation for me. She also did an interview with Shape magazine recently, it’s worth a read.

So here I am jumping around like a crazy person, testing my reflexes on this fun machine. I did terribly. Well, practice makes perfect!


So what to expect during a Fit Mummy Workout with Kareen?

You’ll be sized up and you can explain what you hope to achieve. Then she’ll take you through exercises as well as any rehabilitative work that you need. At the end, you can have a pressure point massage (optional).

Each session is different. It’s tailored to suit your needs and issues each time. I love how personal it is, and how it’s tailored to the intensity that works best for you.


I mentioned that Aileron Wellness gym is located within a hotel, right? They have a kachang putih (snack) station right in the hobby, and you can help yourself to it! Gotta put fuel in to exercise, I say 😉

MumsInSync05 MumsInSync06

The resort has THREE pools. It’s a real incentive to go there and exercise, because you can lounge around and cool off in the pool(s) afterwards.

Or, if you have kids, you can bring your spouse/babysitter along and let them loose for a swim! There’s also peacocks wandering around the area – great kid entertainment.


You can follow the Mums In Sync Facebook page to keep updated and stay inspired, or pop in your details to request for a free trial session. (Don’t forget to bring your swimmers to have a dip in the pools afterwards, or your running shoes for a jog around the gorgeous resort!)

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