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The photo above is dated Feb 20, because that’s the date I start my 3-month Operation Tone-up with Bodytec. This is my BEFORE photo, and I’m excited to see the results in my AFTER photo in 3 months time!!

I’m aiming to achieve the following:

  1. tone the upper arms
  2. lose the belly fat
  3. slim down the upper thighs

I know I’m not medically overweight/obese, but my weight and overall flabbiness has really BUGGED me in the past few months. I used to be a static 45KG, since early-teens. The weight never fluctuated – no matter how much I ate, no matter how little I exercised.

Somewhere along the line, my metabolism got sick of my antics, packed its bags up, and left me high and dry! So in the past few months, I’ve steadily gained weight and now sit at 48.8KG – my heaviest ever. Can you imagine suddenly stacking on almost 10% of your body weight? You’d freak out too!!

It’s not just weight – if you’re in your 30s or older, you’ll know what I mean. Skin and flesh just seem more……. squishy. Everything’s a little softer around the edges, everything’s a little flappy, everything’s a little saggy. It may be a little bit, it may be a giant lot, but it happens to everyone. If it hasn’t happened to you and you’re middle-aged, then please go away because I don’t like you anymore.

I’m very eager about Bodytec because their entire premise is efficient and effective fitness, utilising EMS for weight training and improving muscle tone.

You know those Pump/weights classes that go on for 60 mins? Bodytec uses EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) on target muscle groups in 20 mins, and yet is more effective. It’s the reason their German machines are used in hospital rehabilitation – it’s joint-friendly and impact-free, with loads of benefits.

So this, below, is my set of makeup-free mug shots at Bodytec, taken just before the start of my 3-month journey. I used to have really thin arms and thighs (that were straight up-and-down and didn’t… errrr…. fatten out at the top), and I would like to have that again.

BodytecGym01 BodytecGym02


And this is what one of their EMS machines look like! You’ll get your own personal trainer to monitor you, and make sure you get the fullest out of your work out.

Obviously, the machine isn’t turned on. Which is why I’m smiling so smugly, like it’s all so easy!



Because, in reality, I look like this…….




I’ll be frank – you need to be able to laugh at yourself when you’re doing Bodytec. Because you’ll look like a real nutter. See – you’re doing weight training, but with no weights. So imagine doing a bicep curl, or a dead lift, with NOTHING in your hands…. yet you’re grunting and grimacing like you’re carrying a super heavy weight. To a random passerby, you’ll look like a complete weirdo. But it’s actually quite hilarious!!!! And, yes, you really do feel all the effort and difficulty of doing heavy weight training, but without the weights (hence no stress or impact).

Here’s a wayyyyyy classier photo of me, which hides my face when I get to the actual crunch, so I still look very cool, calm and collected. Can’t really tell my face is all screwed up and beading with sweat when I’m doing the squat, can you?



You know what I like about Bodytec?

  1. It’s FAST – 20 mins once a week is what is required to see results
  2. It’s FUSS-FREE – Full attire is provided, so you simply rock up in your regular day clothes! Zero exercise clothing or shoes are required. Towels and toiletries are also provided.
  3. It’s EFFECTIVE – I feel that delicious burn in my muscles during the training, and feel it the next day. I know I’ve done something!


If you have a good memory, you’ll remember that I did a one-off Bodytec trial session here. Well, I’m back to do more.

So here I go on my 3-month Operation Tone-up. I’m supplementing it with cardio as well, because I feel that cardio and weight training go hand-in-hand as the most effective form of fitness and weight loss.

We’ll see what happens….. and if I can get my body to look more fit, toned and just better in 3 months time!

Wish me luck!!


Bodytec – Singapore’s first dedicated and largest EMS studio

3 Pickering Street
#01-01 Nankin Row
Singapore 048660
6822 8761
6 Stanley Street
Singapore 068725
6423 1306
121 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455245
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Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I know what you mean! I have never got back my body after having kids and I was a static 45kg too. I developed hypothyroidism after my first child and have been struggling to lose the weight. I practically have to starve myself to lose weight! Plus having twins also gave me a jelly belly and “twin skin” which only surgery can fix:( the joys of motherhood! Hahaha you are looking great even if you are 48kg! Your husband seems to appreciate your good looks! Lucky you:)

I agree.. surgery is really the only way to get rid of jelly belly, which is actually so depressing! But, I figure, maybe a weeeeee bit flatter/smaller is doable if I exercise?? *fingers crossed*

It’s the reverse in Singapore! It’s sooo hot and humid outside it’s tough to jog (unless it’s super early in the morning, or events). Most go to the gym..

I just love how you’re able to laugh at yourself, Beverly. A very important quality. Makes your posts laugh-out-loud hilarious! 🙂

Now, now, I am intrigued! I would love to tone up too. What are the rates?

Btw, why do you still look so fab without makeup? GAH.

Aye.. alas, I’m condemned to have married a woman who’s as beautiful as the day I met her.
I say condemned, because at some point it’ll probably look like some creepy old white guy married someone half his age