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This totally looks like a little street somewhere in the world, but it’s actually a fake street in Universal Studios!

We decided to take Hunter for a visit because Mum and Dad’s banker gave them free tickets and they passed them to us. It was awesome because we probably wouldn’t actually pay for the tickets as they are kinda pricey….

So we picked a cool and breezy day and off we went!




Our first ride was the Madagascar boat ride and in retrospect, we probably shouldn’t have done it first…. because it horrified Hunter! Like all amusement park rides, it was super loud and kinda in-your-face (two things that Hunter can’t tolerate), despite being aimed at young kids.

He wasn’t terrified, per se. But it really shocked him so that he became quite negative for a while afterwards, and refused to go on any other rides. Argh!




Chris ditched us for a bit and did a grown up ride at the Ancient Egypt area. It was a roller coaster and waaay not for kids. Only big kids 😉



We enjoyed the Far Far Away area because it was most kid friendly. And it was pretty!!


We finally convinced Hunter on to the Sesame Street ride… which is kinda silly that we had to do any convincing at all, considering he’d been on it before a few months ago with my parents – and loved it!

It’s a suspended ride that’s still a bit loud, but not as startling and he likes Sesame Street, so he was very happy at the end and declared “I like it. I had fun!”





Watching some street dancers. There were these Japanese guys (in the pic below) all dressed up and wearing wigs. They were invited up to do impromptu street dancing, and were really good! We only realised later they weren’t performers, they were just randoms that were invited up to perform. Very impressed.




I liked these guys (below) – they sang Grease type songs and were great dancers 🙂



HOT DOG BREAK. Ohnomnomnom….



My favourite section, the SciFi stuff!! I spotted Optimus Prime and ran squealing over like a teenage fan girl. Ahem.

Hunter was not as impressed.




Most impressive? Waterworld. It looks like a defunct area so you can easily just walk past and think it’s under construction. But it’s not – the entire place (and it’s huge) is one big show. No rides, but a sit-down show, stadium style.

It was huuuuuuge!!!! It can fit thousands, and was a big Hollywood-type production filled with drama, jet skis, water planes, fire, the whole shebang.

The kids there were mesmerized. As were the adults.






I repeat.




The Sesame Street show. Very short and not that exciting for us adults, but the kids seemed to like it.



With his Big Bird souvenir toy and munching on my corn dog (he loved it).



This is our loot! And incredibly cheery and cute Sesame Street school bus bag, that I’m using as a diaper bag. A glittery red Elmo cup for Carter. A school bus tee for Hunter. And Big Bird for Hunter, who says Big Bird is best friends with his Jimmy the Monkey.



We had a fab time at Universal Studios, but I probably wouldn’t have paid our full fare if only to bring kids <3 years old. Reason being you’re heavily restricted on the rides and you have to leave strollers outside (we were worried someone would swipe ours).

It’s actually best to go if you don’t have kids – haha!!

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I spent so much money on tickets for universals for our family plus express passes (toddlers don’t wait and we had three under 3 years old) and we only managed to go on three kiddy rides before it started pouring and we decided to call it quits and go back to the hotel! Lol I wished I read this post earlier haha I’m from Perth and would love to do Singapore again with my kids but only when they can feed themselves and out of nappies and don’t need prams! It was all too hard! Don’t want to mention our plane trip- I am scarred for life!

Ughhh I hate it when stuff like that happens, it makes me so grumpy!!
But I agree, it’s v different once kids are a bit more self sufficient. We are actually in Perth right now!!

Have fun in Perth! Your friend Karen cheng actually recommended your blog to me as we were both have children around the same age:) my eldest son is same age as Hunter and I have twin girls who are around 21 months old nearly like carter! Having children close in age is hard work but they are a lot of fun too! Your boys are so adorable it makes me want to have more boys!

Ohhh small world! And ARGH I am both amazed and totally freaked that you have THREE kids, all so closely aged. But how dreamy to have an older boy and twin girls, hehe, lucky you!