Chinese New Year, Family HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2014 31 January 2014

Happy Chinese New Year, folks!!

So here are my kids, above, carrying their goodybags filled with mandarins. It was a lovely, sunshine-bright day today!

And this is me, in a super cute top covered with multi-coloured cartoon elephants. Probably should’ve been horses, since it’s the Year of the Horse, but oh well. Close enough!!

We had a fabulous Chinese New Year Eve dinner at Majestic Bay restaurant, and both kids were well behaved and ate well – so that was a successful dinner in my book!

And, since we’re in the whole Chinese-y mood and all, here’s Hunter reading mandarin words, which is just soooo crazy cos he can read better in Mandarin than he can in English, I think!

He says a little Chinese New Year greeting at the end 😛

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