Events, FASHION, Shopping A FAMILY OF RIVIERAS 7 January 2014

A family of Rivieras shoes! Teehee!!!!!!!

I get tickled by the oddest things. In this case, it’s Rivieras shoes from France. The first time we’ve ALL worn matchy-match shoes as a family.

I can’t decide whether it’s *facepalm* inducing, or whether it’s cute. Nor do I care, really! The cotton and canvas slip-ons  are comfy and lightweight, my kids like wearing them, and they’re so easy to slip on/off.

So Hunter started off with his own pair of Rivieras, and kicked off the whole trend in our family.

Then Carter got in on the action. I scored him a pair of grey coloured Rivieras, also from the Elly shop. I thought the grey looked kinda classy and cool, and the neutral colour matched almost all his outfits. And, you know what? A lot of people have stopped to either comment “Ooooh look at the baby’s shoes. So cute!” or just asked me flat out where they’re from. I think they’re kinda eye-catching!

Then, I got suspicious by how much Hunter kept wanting to wear them (he can put them on/off himself), so decided to get my own pair, thanks to the nice folk at Elly. And ooooooooooooooo… they really ARE comfy. I can see why they’re good shoes for kids.


Then, Chris scored a pair too! I got them at Club21 because they stock the adult sizes. His are mesh – really airy for Singapore’s weather. He wears them all the time.


The problem with Rivieras is that they’re kinda addictive since they come in a rainbow of colours. Now I’m eyeing a pair of forest green ones for Hunter (his favourite colour)!

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