I’d first spied and lusted over the Longchamp Pliage Cuir bag back when it first launched, and when they had the turquoise colour. It was a beautiful shade and I saw it at the Longchamp boutique, but didn’t want to buy it just like that without thinking about it first. So I walked away.

When I went back, it was sold out country-wide!

I’m actually not a fan of Longchamp, apart from the Eiffel Tower bag that I have (a souvenir after our trip to Paris). I don’t like the canvas material, and the bags are a dime a dozen – everyone carries one!

But, I fell in love with their Pliage Cuir collection, because, hello……. SLOUCHY LEATHER!!!

The bags are made with a thick but smooshy leather that feels and smells divine. They slouch beautifully and are fantastic for casual daily wear. The strap goes cross-body on me perfectly, and it is my only cross-body larger sized bag. It doubles-up as my diaper bag when I’m out with Hunter, since he requires very little these days (since he eats table food and doesn’t wear diapers – yaaaaaayyyyyyyy).

So when Longchamp released new colours, I grabbed one.

Mine is in orange, almost a dead ringer of my Hermes birkin. Chris calls it my “cheap daily Birkin” and he’s kinda right – it’s fab for daily wear when I can throw it around and not feel precious about it.

Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir in orange


Super smooshy leather!


It’s even drape-ier now than in this photo, cos I’ve used it daily


I selected the smallest size because it looks best on my frame, IMHO. It’s enough to fit in all my stuff, with tons of room to spare. A great bag for when I want to throw in random things like sunglasses case, cardigan, and extra baby stuff.

I also carry the bag with the handles slung over my shoulder, keeping it compact and tight against my body.

Carter’s all “Mama, are you taking a selfie of us or of your bag?”


Worn with the long strap, though usually I do it cross-body style


Total random insertion of Hunter, cos I like this pic – I reckon he looks like such a big boy here!



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

what’s inner tag code for this type and colour? I visited several stores and duty free, but there’s only a darker orange (it’s closer to red, unlike the one in your pictures and other bloggers’) and they say that’s the only colour for orange

I don’t know the inner tag code off the top of my head, but it was purchased years ago (when this blog entry was written), so it’s definitely not in stock now!

I’m thinking of getting the exact same one! How has the bag held up so far? Any issues with worn-out corners etc?

Wow this bag looks great! And seems really good and spacious as a diaper bag too 😉 Googled it and the turquoise one looks fantastic.

Haha yeah I find it’s useful when I just have one kid – easy to add in a waterbottle, bib and some wiples!

Isn’t the turquoise pretty??? Impossible to find in stores or online though 🙁

Very nice bag! I also don’t like Long Champ bags as everybody is carrying one, including aunties at the wet market! (Yes, I saw a few!) But this leather one is nice! Do they come with other colours? I am looking for a nice cross-body bag for year-end holidays! 🙂

Haha I know exactly what you mean. It’s kinda cheapened the brand and made it not as exciting. But yeah, this particular one is soooo nice and I rarely see it carried by other people when I’m out.

Comes in a whole range of colours!