“Luxury is a necessity that begins when necessity ends”, so said Coco Chanel. That’s pretty true, don’t you think?

I’m normally fairly disinterested about Salvatore Ferragamo stuff, mostly associating it with ‘older’ tastes and designs. It’s a very classic brand to me, with neutral colours and very safe styles. All of which are the exact opposite of what I go for.

So I surprised myself when I popped into a boutique one day, and walked out with a bag!

Carter approves of the purchase


The real name is the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Patent Leather Piuma Clutch, apparently. But I just call it my “Ferragamo turquoise bag”, to make things easier 😉 It’s small, it’s compact, it’s glossy, and HELLO it’s turquoise!!!

Guess I don’t really have to explain why I basically LEAPED over the counter like a crazy person to buy this sucker.

How could I possibly resist that stunning colour? And the cute trademark bow??

Salvatore Ferragamo gift box, in signature red




Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Patent Leather Piuma Clutch


Hi baby!


I… ermmm… sorta butchered mine a little. I didn’t fancy the short strap – it made the bag seem very dressy  so I couldn’t use it for casual wear. So I took it off and used pliers to stick on a long chain and VOILA! Cross body bag 😀

Re-worked into a crossbody bag. Wonderful for casual daily use.


Looking rather cheesy and ‘showcasing’ the bag. But really we were trying to show the contrast between the neutral-wearing girls, and the pastel-wearing girls!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Omg. thank YOU! I bought mine in red and i really wanna have it in long chain. You just gave me an idea. ^^

Yeah, that’s Karen Cheng. I adore ferragamo shoes and collect them:p I simply cannot resist the bows.

Pretty! I would have never had the guts to take pliers to rework a luxury bag.

Well the strap it came with unclips without needing to be pried open.. so it was just my own silver chain (not expensive) that I had to plier on. Not too scary 😉