Family, Shopping TOYOTA PREVIA 31 July 2013


Our new driver


Our new car, the Toyota Previa!


The pic above was taken 3 months ago, hence why Carter looks heaps younger. But yep, this 7-seater MPV feels sooooo good to sit in and drive.

Cars don’t come cheap in Singapore – they cost about the same amount as a huge house in other countries! So it’s rare that we get a new car, and thus super exciting πŸ˜› By “we” and “our”, I actually mean Mum and Dad bought the car! It means all of us can pile in when we do (extended) family outings on weekends. It also means the kids sit in luxury and comfort with tons of space.

We still have our previous car (which has pretty much been ‘donated’ by my parents to us now), which I use to drive Hunter to/from school and mostly when I take the kids out during the day. But when the kids and I catch a lift with my parents, we’ll use the “big white car”, as Hunter has dubbed it.

YAY for generous parents as well as very indulgent ones (toward their grandkids)!!

The exact one that we have (pic snagged off the Toyota website)


Sliding doors. CRITICAL when you have a big car because it saves sooo much space when getting in/out!


I love the dashboard. And it drives like a dream!!

So that was our major excitement this month πŸ˜› The novelty of sitting in a new car hasn’t worn off yet. Love it!!

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