Family, Living in... Singapore JURONG BIRD PARK ON THE WEEKEND 25 July 2013

I thought family-friendly attractions like the Jurong Bird Park would be phenomenally crowded on weekends, so I’ve never dared brave that idea. But, one weekend a month or two ago, we decided to try it out… mainly because I found out they were having a “Buy 1 ticket get 1 free” deal, and I am a sucker for deals!

So off we went on the weekend, and it was actually not all that crowded. Sure, there were people around, but it wasn’t constrictive and I didn’t feel like we were overwhelmed at all. It gives me confidence to try out more attractions on weekends!

I actually took the kids there with my parents a few weeks prior, but it was worth going again because I guess kids like repetition – they were really happy seeing it all over again, and Hunter could name the various birds so he felt rather proud of himself!

Family pic of us at Jurong Bird Park


We watched the High Flyers show again. I think Hunter enjoyed it even more since he kinda knew what to expect and so wasn’t so shell-shocked by it all!

Gorgeous bird, but it was the horse that I loved!


All I can think of is “Happy Feet” the movie…


Friendly Lori bird!


Hunter in usual super-serious mode


Greedy lil bird!


Thought the kids would be intimidated by this bridge, but nope!


After all that, we stopped off at the water playground to cool off. LOVE it. It’s worth the entry fee into Jurong Bird Park alone 😉 And such a clever idea.. because the kids love to jump around and play and cool down after a hot day traipsing around. Also, they nap reaaaalllyyyy well afterwards..

Phwoaaaar water slides!!


OK both look rather miserable here, but I promise they were having fun!


Very happy sitting by himself and playing with a leaf


Cooling off


Carter loved the slide!


Totally knackered kids. Us parents were too. Zzzzz….


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