FASHION, Hermes, Melissa, Ralph Lauren, Shopping SHOP SHOP SHOPPING! 6 June 2013

Big ‘ol photo-heavy blog post right here… on all sorts of girly fashion stuff. Boys, or fashion-uninterested girls, please avert your eyes 😉


Ralph Lauren spun silk/viscose dress, on sale from Saks. So floaty and ultra soft!


Floaty dress from Simone Irani. I feel like I ought to be in the Maldives!!


BLING sunnies! Nah just kidding, I didn’t buy these though they were on sale. They were just a bit too OTT for me 😉


Yeah.. I caved on these Melissa flats. They’re just so glittery and pretty, and the fake ones can’t recreate that intricacy!
I LOVE these Melissa wedges because they make me just a wee bit taller, and they’re pretty kickass looking. I got them for $50 on eBay, a huge bargain!!


I love Camper shoes (soooo comfy) but they are just gulpingly expensive. So i was DELIGHTED when I found out I fit into their kids shoes!! Much cheaper 😛


Little bits and bobs from an at-home fair I went to at a French lady’s place. Bracelet, keyring, and butter knives!


Hilariously cute baby Hermes birkin! A gift from a thoughtful gf 🙂


Baby birkin on proper birkin


Little wooden pin in my fave colours. I think it’s very “me” since I’m such a shutterbug



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