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You may remember, a couple of weeks back, I blogged about some pretty French jewellery from Gag et Lou and 5 Octobre. Now I’m finally doing a proper write up of the rest of the French jewellery I own..! Pretty pictures galore 😀

It’s all thin and delicate and whimsical stuff… and totally pretty IMHO 🙂 It makes me really wish I was back in Paris again, poking around in all the funky little boutiques and discovering little gems!

These below are 5 Octobre swarovski earrings. They’re a bit more fun then regular stud earrings, but not as in-your-face eye catching as dangling earrings are. They sit flush against the bottom of my earlobe and are nice and simple, but with enough sparkle to look nice.

5 October swarovski crystal earrings


Worn with Tiffany & Co initial pendants (C & H), and Elly initial necklace (B)


I normally don’t wear ‘big’ jewellery, but this Gag et Lou necklace is an exception. The disc is so intricate and whimsical I couldn’t resist! It looks lovely worn on its own, without being layered with other necklaces (which will only distract IMHO). It never fails to draw compliments from random people, and is one of my most-worn daily necklaces.

Gag et Lou spring necklace


I’m a big fan of ribbons, so the Millésime bow chain bracelet really appealed to me. It has an adjustable chain so it will fit a tiny wrist to a large one! They do a whole series of cute designs, but I like this bow one best. It’s very delicate and looks pretty layered or worn alone. I actually never ever take this off because I find it such a nice basic piece, so I wear it 24/7.

From left: Tiffany & Co diamonds by the yard bracelet, Millésime bow chain bracelet, Gag et Lou star bracelet, jade bangle


I was completely suckered in when I tried on the 5 Octobre 3-stone ring. IT FIT ME!!!!! It’s an adjustable wrap ring, so I just push it til the ends cross over each other, and it will fit me just fine. And unlike other brands, the ends are rounded so they don’t catch or scratch.

The ring is soooo light and so comfortable to wear, I forget that I have it on. It’s very petite but I think it looks lovely on. The gems are a grey/blue which doesn’t exactly match my wardrobe, but it was such a pretty colour I got it anyway.

5 October 3-stone ring


Fits even my ring finger cos it’s adjustable!


So that’s all the rest of the French jewellery I have so far.. though I’m eyeing others but don’t want to spend money on them right now. I’m very happy with these for now 🙂

I have a bunch of other jewellery and shoe related photos that I may blog at a later stage… I kinda miss doing fashion blog posts sometimes!! So I’m happy I got this one out 🙂


 Hunter after his nap today. He amuses me so!

Singing, I mean, belting out Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I went to 5 Octobre website but can’t anywhere that can shop for her pieces. Did you shop in Sg boutiques?

I got them at Rosalie Pompon at Cluny Court! She has a whole range of French JEwellery including 5 Octobre 🙂

oh gosh he is so cute and funny! loved it when he started singing in chinese! im gonna try singing chinese nursery rhymes with the next time. hahah Aunty Ruth’s gonna be remembered as the Chinese speaking Aunty 🙂

Haha yeah he actually asks me “What’s this in Chinese mama?” now. Unfortunately I can’t always answer him cos my vocab isn’t great!

aww, great that he has the interest! best way to learn! 🙂 would love to be able to help him along