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Beach Road Scissors Cut Curry Rice
229 Jalan Besar

It was my Aussie girl friend that alerted me to Beach Road Scissor-cut Curry Rice, as it’s near her place and she claimed that there were often “long queues” of people ordering the stuff.

Of course, I just had to go check it out!

Let me just say, this place is NOT child-friendly. It’s messy, it’s crowded. But we still hauled our two kids there and thankfully they were really well behaved! Carter just sat in his stroller looking around, and Hunter sat on a chair at the table without fussing. That said, we were probably eating there all of 15 minutes 😉

The tiny stall


You can see above that all the dishes are pre-cooked, sloppily presented in big containers and plates. I’ll be frank – it looks super unappetizing. All mushy and messy! But, the queue was crazy and so we pushed on…

With 2 sulky-looking kids. I think these pampered tots are not very fussed with being outdoors and at a very casual place to eat!!


The queue goes swiftly because they SLAP on the food when you order, so the whole process takes about 1 minute. I was super nervous as my turn was approaching, because they guy obviously wanted people to order at top speed, and I had to speak Mandarin and explain what I wanted and how I wanted it. Eeeek!!

Turns out, they all speak English there too, so it was actually pretty easy. And a lot of it is pointing, just that you have to do it all at top speed.

The guy there uses scissors to cut everything (at ridiculous speeds), hence the stall name. It’s actually excellent when you have a baby and have to eat with one hand – which was my predicament. Everything is in bite-sized morsels so you just need a spoon to scoop and eat!

Our dishes


The star dish is, obviously, the curry rice. It’s plain white rice with a creamy curry sauce and some sort of dark sauce. I actually found the curry a bit odd. It’s almost… gelatinous? A bit sticky and not like regular Indian curry. Personal preference though, because even though I wasn’t that fussed, a lot of people love this.

We had assorted dishes such as fried egg which was simple and tasty, fish cake which was yummy too, long beans which was our attempt at being healthy, and a sort of sliced pork in dark gravy that was tasty and a lovely accompaniment to the rice.


Um…. the guy in front of us ordered six takeaway packets and took the last of their famous breaded pork chop. Curses!! So we went all the way there and didn’t even get to try their signature dish *facepalm*

I did ask for their braised pork belly which I’ve heard is also luscious, but I think they forgot to give it to us or didn’t hear me. D’oh.

So yes, we went to this famous place, and didn’t order their Top 2 dishes. Useless foodies, we are.

That said, the rest of the dishes are nice and tasty, but nothing extra spectacular that I’d go out of my way for and certainly not queue for. I really wish I’d had a chance to try their 2 famous pork dishes now!! But highly doubt I’ll dare to go back with kids in tow, especially since it’s in a random road-side location with little parking.

Still, it was pretty fun to let our kids experience a typical Singaporean hawker-food meal and ambience!

Hunter sitting patiently through the meal, yay!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I am a Hainanese and my parents used to bring us for late night supper at that stall when the stall was still run (dishes cooked personally by) the current vendor’s father. It was way much better back then. We stopped going since the son took over, trimmed down the tastiness of the signature dishes and the staff army of Chinese nationals man-mugged the ordering process. You could take as much curry as you needed (or want) in the old days when you take-away your orders.

The curry is now unnecessarily glutinous because of the overly generous corn starch they used as thickener. So do scale down on the amounts you consume there … Through the father’s hands, the curry was of a nice consistency, a tad salty, a tad sweet with a balance of creaminess (not thick like left over congee).

Nonetheless great to read from your blog that you are so adventurous to try it! Most would not even venture after a look at the stall, the folks that handled the food, the eat environment… Top it all off with the uniquely Singapore humid heat!

Wow it has a long history, I didn’t know that! I’m with you.. the glutinous texture of the curry didn’t appeal to me, but I guess tons of people still like it because it’s packed like a madhouse..

🙂 not for us (hubby and baby and me) though … You were brave to lugg both kiddos along and stuck to trying it out 🙂 your blog totally rock 🙂

erm seriously none of the dishes u ordered make it to the Hainanese curry rice hallmark of fame dishes… it’s (1) pork chop (2) cabbage based asst veggies (3) braised pork belly (4) some braised chinese beancurd dish (5) sambal stir fry veg and top with heaps of sambal chilli too weird huh?

I know… fail. I wasn’t very sure and was quite confused with the speed and mandarin flying around and blurted out the wrong stuff, argh!!