Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... HUNTER TELLS A JOKE 27 February 2013

Hunter (at 25 months) is quite the little comedian these days.

Gone are his deathstare days (well, mostly!) and in place is a very cheery and CHEEKY little boy. He’s generally very happy and laughs easily, and sees the good in everything. A good lesson to us world-weary adults. Nothing like seeing the world through fresh eyes, than seeing it via a little toddler’s point of view.

Our bedside table


See the above? That’s the lamp next to our bed. Carter’s cot is in our master bedroom, and when he sleeps, I leave that light on so I can check on him if necessary in the evening.

Yesterday, as I was nursing Carter before his bedtime, I had the main light off, and this lamp on as usual.

Hunter comes sauntering in and thought he would be very clever and crack a joke:


Hunter: Hunter turn on light, ok? Oh! Light already on. Haha. Funny! *expectant pause waiting for me to laugh*

Me: Errmmm… that’s actually not THAT funny, Hunter.

Hunter: Yes! Very funny. Very very funny. HAHA.

And he walks off chortling and giggling away to himself….


Somehow, I don’t think he should aspire to be a professional Comedian when he’s older 😉


Another Hunter ‘joke’ – see his tee and belly. Geddit?


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