Carter was actually not his usual Sunshine Bear self during his little modelling stint for Mother & Baby magazine a few weeks ago. He was waaaay overdue for his milk feed, not to mention it was also nap time. Not very positive variables to have around when there’s a baby involved in a photoshoot!

He was quite the trooper though and took it in his stride, with zero meltdowns. However, it also meant that he wasn’t dishing out usual his MEGAWATT SMILES. And, it also meant everyone had to make an effort to get him to crack a smile (rare because usually all you have to do is look in his direction and he’ll be very pleased).

Guess he felt sorry for all of us jumping around trying to get him to smile though, because here and there he did crack a few. Small smiles though, not megawatt ones.

Oh well!

Hunter was there too, and quite perturbed that there wasn’t very much (ie. none) attention on him. LOL.

Thank you for the opportunity Mother & Baby! It was fun!


Behind-the-scenes shot. Carter pretty bewildered with all the sudden attention!


Mother & Baby (March 2013 issue)


Full-page pic for the “Your Mini Me” section


Sneaking in this photo of Hunter doing his own supermodel pose 😉


His version of “Smile and look at the camera, Hunter.” Cheeky boy.



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Let's Chat!

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