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Boston Seafood Shack
#01-16 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
PRICE: $$$
RATING: ???–

One of my favourite foods in the world is a lobster roll. Specifically, the lobster rolls in Boston. They are fresh, chunky, juicy and FLAT OUT AMAZINGGGGGG. The lobster chunks come drenched in melted butter (ooooh la la) and I think mayo or some sort of luscious sauce is slathered all over the buttery fluffy roll.

Are you feeling all hot and bothered and fluttery yet?

Sadly, it’s not easily available outside of Boston. There’s Lukes Oyster Bar here in Singapore, and they do a really good lobster roll for sure, but it’s a heartstopping…… SG$45 for the privilege. Not to mention it’s so tiny it only works for me as an appetizer!

So I was super duper keen when I heard about Boston Seafood Shack opening in Singapore. They specialise in lobster rolls!! Yay!


Boston Seafood Shack at the Star Vista


The interior is simple and cheery, and ordering is fast-food cafe style. Food arrives swiftly in large black or red plastic plates.

Hunter sussing it out


I enjoyed the New England Clam Chowder as a starter. It was creamy and tasty, with a lovely swirl of cream on the top. Would have loved this served with a side of garlic bread!

New England Clam Chowder ($6.50)


Obviously I had the Boston Premium Lobstah Roll. Yes, they call it Lobstah and not Lobster. It looked SO impressive!!!! A large-sized bun that was so fluffy, stuffed full of chunky lobster. Eek. I was so excited.

Tastewise though? It was good, but nothing amazing. Definitely not like the lobster rolls I’ve had in Boston. The lobster was not as sweet, though it was still tender and juicy. It also didn’t come with melted butter sauce, but rather a sort of thin salad type sauce? It tasted quite like a seafood salad that was stuffed into a bun.

A shame, because if they had done the original Boston version, I reckon it’d be spot on perfect. That said, I’d still go back for it, because no where in Singapore can I get a lobster roll this size for this price.

Boston Premium Lobstah Roll ($19.50)


The Atlantic Cod Pasta arrived looking very impressive in a large red plate. There was a substantial swirl of pasta coated in a light cream sauce, finished off with 2 pieces of cod fish. The fish was beautifully grilled and so was tender, and went very well with the sliced mushrooms. A fab dish!

Atlantic Cod Pasta ($14)


The Cod Fish & Chips looks fairly petite-sized in the photo below, but it wasn’t. It was actually a really substantial portion, with 2 hefty slices of fish. The batter was light and crispy, and not too thick and not too thin. I really enjoyed it. The fries were fairly average to me, but they scoop a generous amount in so you’ll definitely be filled up.

Cod Fish & Chips ($14)


The food at Boston Seafood Shack is really reasonable priced, with sizeable portions. I am duly impressed. Will be back!


My little giggle guts

Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

ooooh this is so near my work place! i went there once for lunch before when they had this 1-for-1 fish and chips promo and I did really enjoy their food and the atmosphere!

I actually wanted to give the seafood shack a go, especially since they’re the only place I know of that sells lobster rolls. I changed my mind after all the negative reviews online, so I’m surprised to see you gave it the thumbs up. Maybe I will pop by after all.

BTW if you like lobsters you might want to try The Cajun Kings; so far I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I have yet to try them myself though cuz it’s so far away from where I stay. ):

I know! I was a bit worried after seeing the bad reviews too.. but I was pleasantly surprised. I wouldn’t say it blew me away, but the lobster roll is unique enough in SG that I’d go back for it again. In fact, I will in the next week or two cos my gf wants to go check it out 🙂

Thanks for the tip about The Cajun Kings, gonna check it out online!