Cookyn with Mervyn, Events, FOOD COOKYN AT ORCHARD SCOTTS 6 February 2013

Cookyn Inc and the real estate agents of Orchard Scotts teamed up to throw a Cookyn party with a spectacular ambience and view. It was held in their garden pavilion – a tranquil shady spot with a full-scale kitchen. I’ve never known a residential area that provides these sort of facilities (full fridge, oven, sink etc etc.. and all top notch equipment) so it really wow’d my socks off. Man, what I would give to live here and be able to hold parties in this pavilion!

The pretty and breezy garden pavilion at Orchard Scotts


I wore Carter as my apron instead. Don’t do this at home, kids!


Our family. Nope, I didn’t forget Hunter. He’s at the far right, look closely!


We made simple, yummy dishes. It was actually quite a breeze with so many hands on deck. It was nice chilling out and getting some fresh air, and cooking away..

Hard at work


A salad nicoise!


Hunter approved


We also made salmon-wrapped parcels, one of my fave (healthy) dishes


Little baby bunyip having a snooze on me


A kickass chocolate mousse. I had 3 of these, teehee. Only cos they were so small!!!


Hunter enjoying the garden and being able to run around outside


Someone posted this on FB. I think it’s cute 🙂


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