Events, Family OUR FAMILY IN MOTHER & BABY (FEB) MAGAZINE 2 February 2013

I was delighted to be interviewed for a feature in Mother & Baby magazine (Feb 2013 issue), out right now! 🙂

It’s all about mummies and technology, and actually features really successful and cool women that have started up or work for awesome online companies (like Groupon, FoxySales, etc). I’m… errrrrr… the only one featured that has now has nothing exciting to my name, except for owning a blog *facepalm*. Well, at least I’m honoured to be lumped in the same category as these women!

Mother & Baby, Feb 2012 issue


It’s us!


Interview continued on the next page


Was also pleasantly surprised to see a full-page ad for Milk on the rocks clothing, with Hunter and his 2 pretty (older) girl friends!


There’s also a pic of us on the Mother & Baby homepage too, which links to a truncated version of my interview.

Spot our crazy family


It was fun to see our little family in print. Thanks Melissa and Mother & Baby magazine for the opportunity!


Random insertion of pic. Hunter being such a poseur. In retro-looking clothing (bamboo top from Kicky Pants, pants from Milk on the rocks, shoes from Livie & Luca. Monkey is model’s own. Haha)


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Although I only started to read your blog a year ago, I am loving it! I like all your fashion and beauty finds, your frank review on restaurants and beautiful pictures of your family and adorable kids! I am a bit shy to tell you that your blog makes me happy by reading it, especially after a hard day @ work! 😉

Awww.. Beverly – I’ve been reading your blog for that long then! What a shocker. I remember you from the gemz days I think, before you headed off to uni. Followed you faithfully on livejournal as well. Always been one of those silent readers!

What I love about your blog is that you’ve stayed consistently true to *you*, besides the staying power of course! No ads – you only endorse products you absolutely love, and that shows. I’ve stopped reading other blogs along the way because they got too commercialized. I do think you could write a book on blogging, if you wanted to!

Ohhh you are super nice June! How much we have grown since those days, eh?

Nah, I don’t intend to have any form of banner ads now or in the near future – I feel like they’ll cheapen my blog and I just can’t stand em (kind of silly of me to say this since I’ve worked in online advertising, LOL)!

great article!!! must be so fun to see you and your family published in a magazine

I didn’t blog when I was 11 as there was no internet back then… in fact, I never even used a computer until I was 13 yrs old! haha (yes, I am old :P)

I’ll show it to the kids one day.. though they’ll probably groan at me in embarrassment 😉

Hahahha the internet was only really JUST mainstream when I was 11, except it was like a super nerdy guy thing and not something for kids. I don’t think my parents liked me being on the internet so much!

Awesome bev!! And pls, you are still an awesome and successful person and you don’t need a company to your name to be so! Just look at how loving your family (including your parents) is. Makes so many of us envious! 🙂

Aww thank you Cindy. I guess it’s just hard sometimes for us SAHM to feel valued, esp after working full-time for so long.

We are very blessed that our kids have super loving grandparents, from both sides!