Another bag.. teehee. At least it's for the baby!


So here’s another little something from Brandsfever, one of my favourite  flash-buy sites that sells fantastic stuff at a deep discount, ships out pronto, and I’ve never had any issues with.

I adore my Lassig diaper bag, but on days where I don’t need to carry around a ton of stuff (and especially if I’m stroller-less and just have Hunter in the Ergo baby carrier), I’m loving this new Allerhand essential travel case I just got. It’s just so functional!

The interior is roomy and easily wipes clean, and has lots of pockets and slots to put diapers, bottles, snacks, toys, etc into. In particular, the convertible handles at the top are SO useful – they can be snapped into loops for hanging the bag onto the handlebar of a stroller or snapped into a regular hand-carry handle. Super convenient!

Allerhand mini diaper bag, with the handles looped onto the (included) shoulder strap


Love how the interior opens up, with tons of pockets


Hunter packing in all his stuff 😉


OK you can't see the diaper bag here, but I'd just used it in the baby changing room!


Clamouring around in his Saltwater sandals



Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

This comment has nothing to do with your post, but everything to do with Hunter…he is SO cute, I wanna pinch his cheeks! hehehe! and okay maybe nibble at his arms

Totally irrelevant here, but am wondering how do you usually upload photos onto livejournal during your livejournal days? Do you download a client so that you can upload several at one shot? I downloaded a client WebPro but it doesn’t seem to work!

Thanks in advance!