Events BABY BJORN ‘MIRACLE’ MESH 8 February 2013

I am guilty of being a bit of a baby carrier fiend. I just can’t help it!! I am always on the endless search for something that’s comfy for both baby and me, and in particular a carrier that can withstand the… errrmmmm…. substantial size and weight of my children.

But I’ve been using this particular carrier for the past 4 months straight since receiving it, and have either given away or packed up all my other ones. The Baby Bjorn ‘miracle’ is top notch.

The Baby Bjorn baby carrier miracle, which uses an inexplicably young-looking and skinny model as the ‘mother’ on their box.


I’m not a devotee to products. I skip around and snap up new products and use them, then move on to the next new thing. I know it’s a really bad habit, but I get especially uncontrollable when it comes to baby stuff. CANNOT RESIST!! So I actually surprised myself right now when I did the calculation and realised I’ve been using it exclusively for 4 months straight, since the very first day I received it. If you have sharp eyes, you’ll notice that I have it on in many photos in previous blog posts!

Anyhow, the #1 super awesome thing about the Baby Bjorn baby carrier miracle is that it’s made of mesh. It’s a plus in Singapore’s heat, but I also find it works in much cooler climates (ie. when I was in freezing temperatures in NYC) – namly because you can get really sweaty with a hot-water-bottle-baby on your chest. I really like the hole-y design of the Baby Bjorn miracle, because it’s so breathable for the baby.


See-through breathable mesh


There’s a bottom ‘tail’ thingy on the carrier that makes it adjustable as baby grows. I started off at around 57cm with Carter and increase it each month. It also helps you customise how high or low you want your baby to sit. I personally like my baby sitting high up, because I feel it relieves pressure on my shoulders. It also means it fits newborns (8 lbs/3.5 kg) all the way to 26.5 lbs/12 kg.

Adjustable strap as baby grows


My little pet peeve about the Baby Bjorn miracle is the long adjustable straps. They are made for larger/taller women than myself. And it’s not like I’m super tiny or anything! I have it all on the absolute smallest setting, and find the carrier a little loose on me. Fortunately once Carter is in it, his weight kind of pulls it all into place. But the straps were sooooo dangly and long I actually ended up bringing it to a tailor to chop the excess off. Only downside now is that Chris can’t use it! So if you’re petite, you might want to try this out in-store first. FYI I’m 160CM and 44KG.


Adjustable straps (photo taken before I chopped off all the excess strap)


Baby Bjorn also are very clever and have designed a mesh bag that is attached to the carrier (tucked into a wee pocket in the bottom adjustable strap). I LOVE this idea!!! Every single baby carrier in the market needs to copy this trick IMHO. I simply pull out the mesh bag, and stuff the whole carrier inside. This makes it really compact and convenient to throw into the car boot, or in my stroller’s basket. Total WIN.

Attached mesh bag to stuff the carrier into


So the most important part: COMFORT.

Let me give you a bit of background first.. I have extremely weak shoulders. On top of that, I have a natural tendency to slouch/roll my shoulders forward. You’d think all the years of ballet would mean I have a good posture, but nope, I don’t. Because of this, I always have aches in my shoulders, and frequently have pulled nerves up and down my back.

Doesn’t help that I have giant children either.

Because of that, I’m SUPER fussy about baby carriers. Out of all the ones I have, this Baby Bjorn miracle is the only one that I can wear for 10-hours straight a day, multiple days in a row. This is exactly what I did with Carter, during our NYC holiday. And I came out of it without a single sore back incident. Did I mention I was on my feet the entire day, every day? I was pretty impressed. My gfs were also pretty impressed I could power around NYC on foot from day-to-night, carrying a big baby and complaining only of sore feet and never a sore back.

Here’s some pics of me carrying Carter in the Baby Bjorn miracle. These were taken maybe 2 months ago… hence why Carter looks waaaaaaaay tinier!


Me and my koala




What does Carter think? Well, he doesn’t complain when I put him in, and he sleeps easily (and for ages) when I carry him facing me. And he’s delighted when he faces out, because he loves to watch the sights and sounds. A far cry from Hunter, who hated facing-out!

He clips in easily, and i like the sturdiness of the buckles. There’s also a really kickass back support, that you can adjust to shift weight to your shoulders or back (I alternate between the two).

Carried facing-outwards


OK fine he has a dubious face in this pic, but he’s normally all smiles when he’s facing out!


This is the only baby carrier I’m using now, and I’ve had no other inclination to buy another one. Just as well, since baby carriers are SO expensive!! The only thing that I keep complaining about is that the carrier is SO BORING. Honestly, plain black? No imagination 🙁 Why can’t they release a cute pink and turquoise one?? Or at least just something other than black. Why, Baby Bjorn, whyyyyy?? *shakes fist*

Anyhoodle. Here’s a quick little run down of the other baby carriers I own, for comparison’s sake:

  1. Hot slings/Luna baby sling – These are the 2 brands I own, but I’m talking in general about those cross-body slings. They are very compact, and easy to fold up. Plus most brands come in cute prints. Problem is, I find it hard to get baby in/out (they always get ‘stuck’ midway) and I can only carry for awhile before my back and shoulders KILL. Good for short-term use though, and if you have lack of space.
  2. Ergobaby – I have the regular version and used it for quite awhile with Hunter. It’s pretty thin, though not as breathable as the Baby Bjorn miracle. I really like the cloth hood that can be tucked away or pulled over baby’s head (to block view and help them sleep). Hunter really liked it, but it was bad for my shoulders. The design actually ‘pulls’ your shoulders forward so it’s especially bad for people with weak shoulders like myself.
  3. Beco Gemini – I heard rave reviews so I really wanted to like this one. But I found the carrier waaaay too thick!! I know people like it because it means it’s comfortable, but I just found it really bulky and hot. The straps are cross-back which is really good for my shoulders, but because I’m short and petite, the straps are also on the shortest setting and so drag on the floor when I’m putting it on/off – super annoying. I’m going to be selling this since it’s barely used!


Hope that helped! I find the Baby Bjorn miracle to be the overall winner out of all the carriers I own or have tried. Just wish that they came in a petite size, and in super exciting prints!

Mummies and Daddies – what baby carrier(s) do you use, and do you recommend it?


Hunter’s version of a “sexy look”


Utterly random, but this old video (taken 2 months ago) of Hunter
just delights me cos of his MANIC laugh at the end 😉
And, I think he looks very cute jauntily strutting in his
Charlie Banana cloth diapers!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I am still doing my confinement and can’t get out of the house to the shops to try on the carrier. Cos I hv slip disc n it is impt that the carrier don’t cause a strain on my back. Do u mind giving me another wo weeks to get back to you? Meanwhile, can you send me pics of the carrier?

Sure let me know 🙂 If it works for you and you’d like to purchase let me know and I will get it out from storage and take pics for you

We used an original Baby Bjorn carrier before and hubby loved how it was easy to put on and get baby in and out but I’ve since found that it’s a crotch carrier so I bought an Ergo Sport off my friend 2nd hand (she used to wear it to go hashing so I figured it must be comfy) but now I’m tempted to give this a go…but then…I’ve already bought like 3/4 carriers….gulp!

I am a baby carrier fanatic too, in the midst of trying different stuff. I was given an original Bjorn initially. Was ok when my baby was a newborn (she hated being in it though) but now it’s bad for my shoulders. I also heard that Bjorn carriers are not ideal for babies, ie their hips aren’t in the “m” position so didn’t try any others in the range.
Currently I have a Manduca which is very supportive. It takes a while to adjust all the straps because it can do a lot of styles (hip, back, cross straps etc). Material from organic cotton, can be used from newborn onwards and supposedly cooler than an Ergo. No front carries though.
I also have a DIY ring sling (not so supportive, probably other better made ring slings may be better), Baba sling (not so good once baby gets heavier). Oh and I have a woven wrap which is soooo comfortable but just a hassle putting it on and off.
Lemming a Tula carrier at the moment as I’ve heard it is so comfortable and supportive.

PS: Hope I didn’t offend you with this post!

I’ve heard that the Miracle baby bjorn is now improved over the Original, but I’ve only tried the Miracle so can’t comment! Carter is comfy and sleeps in it though.

I really liked the Manduca cos it looks thin, but Carter screams if he’s not front carried and I can’t deal with strap-fiddling 😛

I can see from the Tula pics that it’ll pull my shoulders forward and kill me. But eeeeeeekkk the colours/prints are SO nice! I have no idea why Baby Bjorn did a plain black one with the Miracle Mesh…. it’s sad 🙁

Dude, it was insane. Totally unacceptable weather!

Btw my parents are going to Norway next month, to -20 celcius weather….. I can’t even.

Hunter is getting to be a big boy, my late Wife so enjoy watching your boys grow.

Thanks for sharing.