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The whole eco-friendly concept is very popular in the USA and Australia.. but is now starting to take off in Singapore. I’ll admit I’m not a very ‘green’ or environmentally-friendly kind of person. I am aware of it and try to be, but I don’t change my whole lifestyle to suit it. Just being honest here!

But when it comes to my kids, I’m suddenly all OMG IT HAS TO BE ORGANIC!! Call me two faced 😉

The snacks my kids have are almost always organic. And I try to buy organic food whenever I can, though it’s not huge in Singapore.

So I was pretty excited when I was introduced to, a site that sells “high quality organic and eco-friendly clothing and accessories for babies and children.” And I’ll admit, I love online stores because it makes shopping sooooo much easier 😉

Myecobabe are the exclusive distributor of these adorable Little Alouette wooden teething toys. 

Little Alouette wooden teether, from


I have NEVER considered a wood teething toy for my kids before! I’ve only been familiar with:

  • fabric teethers – this is a no go for me. Can you say ewww? The fabric toy gets all squishy and wet and smelly and nasty. Yuck! 
  • plastic teethers – these are easy to wash, which is a plus. But I feel a bit iffy about plastic, what if it’s not safe/BPA-free, and what about the dyes they use to colour the plastic?
  • silicone/rubber teethers – these are what I’ve previously bought for Hunter and Carter. They’re flexible and I generally buy the food-grade silicone stuff.

But a wooden teether? The concept was pretty intriguing. I REALLY liked the fact that they are handmade in USA with natural, locally-sourced hardwoods. Not mass produced. Not painted. They are either left unfinished (ie. natural), or finished with certified organic flax seed oil.

Very cool.

So these Little Alouette wooden teethers come all the way from Ohio, and in a variety of shapes and sizes available here. They look so eco-chic and absolutely adorable, it’s pretty hard to pick just one design!

Prince Carter with his crown (sailor outfit from Peter Alexander, rainbow bib from Joules at nottoobig store)


I picked the Crown design because I loved how the 2 holes are simply perfect for Carter to get his fat lil hands on. See how a baby can grip it perfectly in the pic above?

Carter actually likes waving it around frantically, and also chucking it around 😉

The only downside I see to this wooden teether is that it’s in a boring colour. Well, it’s just plain wood! No bright colours, no cute prints. That’s the sacrifice if you want a pure, organic product.

On the upside, it does look pretty chic when attached to the stroller via a toy-holder strap. And I feel TOTALLY SAFE when Carter gnaws away at it. It also washes clean easily, and has antibacterial properties so it doesn’t get smelly.

And.. umm.. actually Hunter likes playing with it too!

“Hmmm… what does this taste like?”




They also have this ridiculously cute puppy bone wooden rattle, that a baby can chew on AND also shake!!

I’m also admiring this smart Blueberry organic boys tee – tie included! As well as this Candy girl dress for my….. errrrr… invisible daughter 😉 Cute huh?

These Little Alouette wood teething toys actually make a wonderful gift, because they’re not too pricey, and come all prettily wrapped and presented. And, is it just me, or have there been a LOT of people giving birth or about to give birth lately??? Must be something in the water!

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Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Hi Beverly, I have a curious question to the wooden teether. Wooden the wood chip and cut our baby’s tender gums? Wooden splinters are quite harmful. I really like to get one because they look so luscious but this is my stumbling block here

I read that it most def does not chip or splinter! And looking at mine, I can see it wont too, cos the wood is really smooth and firm and solid. I like that it’s completely natural for baby too, esp cos they suck and chew on their teethers so much..

I love your posts! I am in the process of looking for a teether for Seb and what did I find in my inbox today?? Found a stockist in Au so gonna put in an order n see how he likes it 🙂 thank you!