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Let’s not mince words here… the shopping in Canberra is not fantastic. Nobody has ever labelled Canberra as an awesome shopping destination, or at the forefront of fashion. Guess I don’t really care, since it wasn’t a shopping trip anyway. I got to shop once in the city, and once at the outlet, and that was it. But I was satisfied, since there wasn’t anywhere else to shop anyway 😛

Unsurprisingly, I didn’t end up buying that much, which is probably a good thing. Obviously I picked stuff up from Peter Alexander and Alannah Hill (my all time favourite shops), whilst Chris hit Calvin Klein. Bought bits and bobs at other shops but that was about it.

I didn’t take photos of all my purchases since… I’m too lazy 😛 My favourite was the pretty cherry-red Alannah Hill cardigan I bought, that’s super light and can squash down easily – great for popping into my bag!

But the cuuuuutest was the matching Peter Alexander sailor outfits I bought for the kids. They were worth the $$ cos I think they’re just so adorable in it, teeheeeee!!!


My sailor boys


Getting tickled by Dad


Hunter was more interested in running all over the place, so this was the best shot I got of him


Carter was much more obliging with being in front of the camera. Guess it’s not like he can escape 😉


LOL at all 4 of us with our squinty eyes, thanks to Canberra’s crazy glare from the sun!


Stripes, stripes, stripes!



Bangles from Witchery Kids. Couldn’t resist as bangles NEVER fit me normally, but these do! And in my favourite colours too!!! SQUEE.


OK I didn’t buy this top, my MIL did. But I love it! Surprised that she could buy clothes for me and pick the exact item that I would pick. Perfect, perfect colour… very comfy… and is a maternity/nursing top. I’m wearing it with my maternity stretchy-waistband shorts too. Guess I’m all ready for pregnancy 😉


My prettiest purchase. Only a few bucks too. They’re little glittery butterflies that stick on. So whimsical and downright gorgeous!!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Ohhhh I love the sailor outfits too!!! Had a similar sailor outfit when I was a kid and wore it till I couldn’t anymore! And your MIL does have great taste!

Carter is the CUTEST reincarnation of the stay puft marshmallow man I’ve never seen!!! 😀 I just wanna squeeze him & take a bite.

LOL! I was one of those who commented about Hunter looking like the stay puft marshmallow man when he was a baby- but i think with this outfit Carter takes the cake! 🙂

You are very lucky to have such beautiful boys <3