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Apart from seeing the trains in Canberra, our trip to Questacon was by far the most exciting for Hunter. It was really heart-warming for Chris and I to witness that, but Questacon holds fond memories for us. We both went there during our childhood, and both of us went together when we were dating as teenagers (eons ago!!), when I was visiting his family in Canberra for Christmas. I even remember what I was wearing that day, LOL.

Considering both Chris and I are geeky and love hands-on science stuff, Questacon really appeals to us because it’s a very hands-on science museum, and also excellent for kids. Hunter LOVED it. There were tons of exhibits that left him gawking, and he loved playing around with all the moving parts.

It was well worth the money and so nice to see our eldest child fascinated with the same stuff that fascinated us when we were kids.

I also found out that Questacon are partners with the Singapore Science Museum! Which reminds me, I really want to take Hunter to that one in a couple of months……

This was at the entrance, and it was hard to pull Hunter away. Balls going up and down and all around!


I LOVE this photo. We’re all in stripes, haha! And I love both kids’ faces 🙂


Spinning levers


Chris having a go on the “free fall” exhibit


Poor Carter could only look, but he still seemed pretty fascinated


Hunter loved putting the balls on the track and watching them zoom down


There’s a section of Questacon called mini-Q. Man, that alone is worth the entire cost of the Questacon ticket! It’s a limited capacity (which is good), so you get a ticket when you purchase your Questacon entry tickets, and you get an allocated time slot.

I’m SO glad we got the tickets, because Hunter had an absolute blast. They told me Carter would have fun too, but frankly, he had no clue what was going on. I’d say it’s best for kids that are at least crawling around.

Anyway, mini-Q is divided into multiple sections, each with different “themes”. Hunter (obviously) was completely stuck on the car theme, and kept going back even after I dragged him away.

He adored this green ride-em car. He could even fill it up with ‘petrol’ from the tank!


There was also the construction theme which he was also pretty into. There was a conveyor belt that you could turn via a wheel and move objects up to the next level, and that kept him occupied for a fair while.

My lil construction worker


And the water play theme area was also a big hit. I guess you can’t go wrong with water! Hunter was particularly fascinated with the water maze, where you can throw balls in and watch the water push them through, and then a contraption push the balls up into the air.

Scooping up water


They provide plastic seats for kids to sit at the water table to play


There’s a section that I reckon is more for older kids or adults.. the deep sea monsters section. Basically all the creatures of the deep, and I actually found it rather scary!!

Definitely not a sight I’d like to see whilst swimming in the ocean. Thankfully, they’re deep deep deep down..




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Let's Chat!

I love Hunter’s completely absorbed expression. Looks like Questacon is his perfect environment.