I really love my Chloé scalloped ballet flats, they are hands down the softest leather shoes I own. I believe they’re lambskin? I’ve never touched another pair of shoes that are as buttery-soft as Chloé, which is why they tend to be my go-to daily wear flats.

So I was pretty excited to score a pair of these Chloé lace-trim ballet flats. They were on sale and a gf helped snap them up for me, yay! They are as buttery soft as my other pair, and in a lovely nude colour. My VERY FIRST pair of nude shoes and I’m liking how they match whatever I’m wearing. The pretty lace/beaded trim is so cute too 🙂

I normally wear a 35.5 or a 36, and I find that Chloé flats fit me best in a 35.5. The leather is so soft that it stretches, and then your foot slips out easily. Just something to take note of if you’re on the hunt for a pair of Chloé!

Chloé lace-trim ballet flats


Closeup of the trim


On my feet


So so so soft!!


Side view


I guess they are really really comfy because Hunter LOVES wearing them. He’s even figured out which one is left and which one is right, and will slide his feet in and shuffle around our Living room, pleased as punch. He really likes wearing my shoes (I hope this isn’t the start of some strange fetish!) but these Chloé flats are his favourite 😉

Turned my back for a minute and next thing I know, Hunter’s got his feet in my shoes..


Pleased with himself


He saw me taking photos modelling them on my feet.. and so insisted I take one of him doing it too..


Finally satisfied after wearing my new Chloé flats, he then proceeded to try and get Carter to wear them


Carter was NOT impressed


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Those Chloes look buttery flats…Like Brian I’m a guy that loves to wear ballet flats…My collection isn’t quite as elaborate as Brian’s TB ballet flats…I will have to look into the Chloe flats…Beverly, where did you purchase them?

I mainly got them online at sites like net-a-porter etc.. but a pair I got when I was visiting NYC, I think at Barneys when they were on sale!

As a Tory Burch flats and ballet flats fan in general I am so jealous of your Chloe flats. I would love to get a pair too. I know what you mean, these are butter soft leather and must feel wonderful to wear. They look adorable.

As for your young guy wearing them, I think it’s cute. He will likely outgrow this desire to wear ballet flats but if he doesn’t you can reassure him that he’s not the only guy that wears ballet flats. In fact it’s more common than you think. Many of my guy friends as well as myself wear ballet flats. These are one of my 40 some pairs.

Thanks for sharing


I fully recommend the Chloe flats.. they’re the comfiest 🙂

Haha great pics too Brian!! Now they have me wanting some Tory Burch…..

I can tell just by looking at the Chloe flats they are comfy right out of the box. Maybe it’s time to treat myself to a pair. The Tory Burch Revas often need breaking in before they become comfy but Tory Burch does make a flats called Eddies. They are comfy right out of the box just like the Chloe flats. They don’t have the TB medallion on them, but they are just plain (comfy) ballet flats. No surprise I’m sure but I have 7 pairs of those. This is my collection of Tory Burch Eddies flats

And this is my collection of Reva flats.

Now you’ve got me hunting for a pair of Chloe flats for myself.

Kickass, I like that term. I’ve never heard them called that. They do add a certain flare to and outfit and they are comfy, cute and feminine. The search for th perfect pair of pink flats was quite long. I’d bought two other pair of pink flats but returned them cuz they just weren’t quite right. I first bought these Michael Kors flats but returned them.
Next I tried these Michael Kors flats. The color was perfect but they were a bit too small.
Then I found these Tory Burch flats. They are perfect.

As much as I LOVE the pink Eddies I think a pair of Chloe flats like yours would be a better choice for everyday flats

I recently bought the same Nappa Lambskin ballet flats in size 35.5, too. But mine is in black with gold and silver piping. Very comfy indeed!

Wow, i didn’t know Chloe has sales, is it online or in store? I thot they are like Chanel, never give discounts in store!

Carter’s expression is adorable! 🙂

They are beautiful, I’d love to get a pair of nude shoes but I’m really hard wearing on my shoes and I’m scared they won’t be nude for long ! Those pictures of Hunter are so cute, reminds me of pictures I have of my nephew when he was about 2 wearing my winter ankle boots around our place 🙂 he’s now almost 9 and is very embarrassed when I show him the pics 🙂

Yeah it’s the reason why I never buy white/nude shoes either! But I’m just going to wear these indoors in malls etc and hopefully they will last 😛

And I think Hunter is gonna hate me when he grows up.. lol!

Hunter is sooo cute! I personally find it difficult to fit in Chloe flats as they are always a bit long for me ( I’m also a 35.5-36). I find Repetto ballet the most comfy so far 🙂

Oh! We are exactly the same size. I find the Chloe 35.5 a bit tight when new, but then stretch to become perfect after a few uses. I have a Chloe 36 and it fit well at first, then stretched too big after awhile 🙁

Repetto bites on my heels because of the trim around the edges. It’s a bummer cos they’re adorable and SO many colours too!

May be the angle as well 😛 I do have thin feet, but they’re also very flat (booo) so i do have trouble finding shoes that fit well.

I also never wear shoes that expose my toes too much cos they’re skinny and weird haha!! It’s why I love ballet flats 🙂