I first heard about Melissa shoes via girl friends that were raving about these flats. I thought it was all a bit odd… I mean, what can be so good about rubber shoes? To me, they just scream “hello I wear crocs” and  would be uncomfortable if feet sweat in the rubber and gives blisters.. so I pretty much ignored it.

But then I kept hearing more and more people buying these flats, and when I saw them on sale, I decided to snap up a pair – the Melissa ultragirl + J Maskrey ballet flats. Why? Well, these were GLITTERY!!! They’re a basic translucent black, but studded with swarovski crystals. I love the look of them and they are super bling, but not too dressy looking since they’re flats.

The quality is evident. The swarovski crystals are stuck on very well to the shoes, and none have come off despite me wearing these flats frequently. The shoes are also so comfortable, I can wear them all day long shopping without getting sore feet. I also don’t have any issues with feet getting hot or sweaty in them.

They make a cute pair of shoes that are nice enough to wear out to the city, but are super comfortable 🙂


Melissa ultragirl + J Maskrey ballet flats


Closeup of the gorgeous swarovski crystals


On me!


From another angle


OK and totally off topic, but this is my nephew Elliot saying the alphabet… backwards. He’s only just turned 4 years old this week too! *proud aunty moment*


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

I thought the same thing until I tried on – and bought – my first pair two weeks ago (I got the Jason Wu ones), and similarly, I love them! Enjoy!!

They really are very cute.

I’ve seen Melissa shoes and thought they were cute, but like you am leery of plastic shoes. However, if you recommend them I might have to check them out again. 🙂

Very nice pair of flats! Did you put the protectors at the back or they come with it? I am not keen on plastic materials (more into soft leather) as I tend to get blisters esp from new pairs!

I put the heel protectors on.. not cos the shoes bite, but to make them fit better, and I tend to do that with most of my shoes 😛
These Melissa flats definitely don’t rub on my feet or give blisters – I was actually surprised cos rubber/plastic shoes always do for me!