FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore SPRUCE @ OLD BUKIT TIMAH FIRE STATION 29 September 2012

Spruce @ Fire Station
260 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 88190
PRICE: $$$
RATING: ????-

I’m a big fan of Spruce, so was delighted when I noticed they were opening a branch at the Old Bukit Timah fire station.. which is about 2 mins from my place! Except they took ages to open, until I nearly thought it was never going to happen.

It’s located inside the old fire station and has a lovely rustic atmosphere – high ceilings, and an industrial decor. It’s actually pretty spacious, but is a little dark since there isn’t much glass to let the natural light in. Most of the tables have children seated, which is a testament to how popular Spruce is with families.

We’ve been there a few times already, and service is always really warm and friendly, and most importantly, patient with the kids. This time, we went with Chris’ brother who was visiting us.. so the photos below are taken by him, if you’re wondering why the photos suddenly look so awesome in this particular blog post 😉

I believe Chris ordered something called the Garden Breakfast.. it was 2 triangles of chunky brioche that were lightly toasted and oh-so-buttery and fluffy – they were a hit! There was a small green salad, and a few slices of unbelievably crisp and sweet tomatoes, plus slices of picture-perfect avocado. It was a very simple dish, but executed so well because of excellent ingredients.

Garden Breakfast


Optional side of grilled bacon


My Banana hotcakes were a winner, as usual. 3 hotcakes piled on top of each other, with slices of banana in between. What I love most is the scattering of crumble, which is delicious! It’s served with a blueberry coulis but I always ask for maple syrup, because I prefer it that way 🙂

The dish is satisfying, and a great portion size to fill you right up. It’s always a must-order for me.

Banana hotcakes


Hunter trying out some of the goats cheese


And… HAPPY WEEKEND EVERYONE! This little pic made me LOL like a psychotic woman. I’ve looked forward to my weekends for so many years that I automatically think “Yahooooo it’s the weekend! I have freedom! I can sleep in!” and then realise it’s all a distant memory now 😉 That said, both kids slept til 9:30AM today and it’s always wonderful having Chris around all day… so I suppose I still do love weekends!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

i THINK it’s the same as the other Spruce.. very love brunch items. I particularly love their burger though 🙂 And the tuna tartare with avocado is tops!