FOOD, Food reviews, Food reviews - Singapore GOOD ‘OL CHOOK @ POULET 24 September 2012

Bugis+ #04-12
201 Victoria Street
Singapore 188067
PRICE: $$$
RATING: ????-

A couple of girl friends and I decided to hit up Bugis for lunch.. and coincidentally Mum and Dad were there recently and recommended we check out Poulet in Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma). I’m glad they did!

Poulet is an open-concept cafe that’s casual dining, but with really attentive service. We were poured water without having to ask, and our glasses were  promptly refilled every time they were half-full. So impressed and for that reason, I was already feeling pretty good about the place.




It’s pretty hilarious to look around the cafe. Every single table orders the roast chicken!! Called Poulet Roti, it’s $15.80 for a half chicken, and their STAR DISH.

But, you see, I never order roast chicken. It’s just this thing I have – partly because it’s so uninteresting ordering roast chicken, and also because it never turns out well. It was also the consensus among my girl friends, who were all a bit “Eh? Roast chicken??”

So we took a leap of faith and ALL of us ordered the Poulet Roti. Pretty brave, eh? 😉

Oh man, it is GOOD. The meat is so succulent, moist, juicy… I’m running out of words to describe it here. The mushroom chardonnay sauce it sits in really makes the dish. It’s creamy, tasty, and beautiful with the chicken. The only downside for me was that the skin wasn’t crispy, wish it was!

Poulet Roti ($15.80)


The odd thing is, the Poulet Roti (above) doesn’t come with a side dish. You have to order it separately. Now, I personally don’t like it when cafes do this, since a carb side dish is not that expensive to serve alongside the dish. It should have come with a mashed potato or fries, IMHO. Actually, perhaps a buttered rice!!

However, we asked if we could buy some fries and eat it at the table, and they obliged. Thought this was pretty decent of them 🙂 So we got in some fries from Ireland’s Potato just next to Poulet, and munched away with our roast chicken. The fries were just so-so. We got it with cheese sauce and bacon bits, and the cheese was incredibly fake-tasting, and the bacon bits seemed like the fake bacon bits from a bottle (?). The fries themselves were not bad.. probably would’ve have been better plain!

Ireland’s Potato fries with cheese sauce and bacon bits


Their Tiramisu was recommended by Dad and it didn’t disappoint. It came in a large glass jar (cute!) and was deliciously creamy with lots of cake bits. Very satisfying and a good portion to share between two people.



I’ll definitely be back. Never thought I’d find a fabulous roast chook, but Poulet does a great job of it!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Wow that chicken looks so tasty! They didnt have any other sides offered at the restaurant/cafe?

Hows living life in Singapore? I’m looking for a change from Sydney and would love to move to Singapore (if I can find a job) maybe after another year or 2. Is corporate jobs really stressful there? I heard it is very competitive among asians compared to Australia. Also if having kids in Singapore, how does it work? Will Hunter/Carter have to complete NS? Thanks Bev! Your blog has been so insightful towards different cities (Syd, Shang now Sing!)

They offer mashed potato and fries, but the sides dishes are all charged separately 🙁

SG is great fun! It’s really good to work here IMHO because of the fast paced lifestyle. I haven’t worked here before so I can’t comment on the specifics. I do hear it’s competitive, but frankly I think it depends on the company you worked in in AU and also the company in SG. If it’s a large international one, it should be about the same..

Our boys have to do NS as they are SG citizens, unless they give it up later.. we will see!!