Hunter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Playdates KIDS CLUB EVENT @ BREWERKZ 21 August 2012

Less than 24 hours before I gave birth to Carter.. Chris, Hunter and I were out on a dinner-date with friends. We wanted the kids to have some fun at the Kids Club event held at Brewerkz. For just $9 per kid, they were given unlimited access to bouncy castles and slides, ride-em vehicles etc etc. Better yet, it was 35% off selected items on the menu for us adults, as well as a chance to sit back and enjoy a beer.

It all seemed too good to be true. And it sort of was 😉

It was held at a lovely location since Brewerkz is right on the water front. And since we went in the late afternoon, the weather was cool enough to chill outdoors. However, we felt the Kids Club event was pretty poorly ran.

First of all, they obviously didn’t limit the number of kids, so it was packed. That’s fine, but the majority of kids there HAD NO MANNERS. It was pretty awful witnessing the bad behaviour of the children there, and especially disgusting seeing their parents standing right there either encouraging the bad behaviour or ignoring it. NO ONE made their child apologise for their actions, let alone tell their kid to refrain. I’m talking about the kids pushing and shoving the younger ones aside, kicking them away, and barging themselves forward – very typical “ME ME ME” syndrome. Has society really come to this? Where people don’t teach their children basic manners? One lady there even urged her son “Quick, go forward! Go first!” as he pushed a little kid aside so he could go down the slide first. Ugh. There were no staff on hand to enforce any sort of order, so our kids simply couldn’t go into the bouncy area or they’d be trampled to death.

The outside area with the ride-em cars was a fantastic concept and catered for the younger ones, except a lot of the older kids squished themselves inside the cars… and refused to get out, even whilst the parents stood by! And of course, the older kids are faster and bigger than our little ones, so all the little kids didn’t get a chance on the cars, unless their parent intervened.

Because of the lack of staff enforcing ‘good behaviour’ rules, and getting kids to wait their turn, we found the event really chaotic and the kids pretty much got nothing out of it – in fact, the free playgrounds in malls or parks are way better for them. It also left me with a bad taste in my mouth and quite a negative impression of the way some parents bring up their children. But it’s also made me realise that we must be even more vigilant about ensuring our children mind their “P’s and Q’s” and proactively demonstrate the concept of sharing, courtesy and good manners.


Our lil motorists


The 35% off food offering was actually on a very very small selection, which was a bit sad as I’d loved to have tried out the rest of their enticing menu! But what we ordered was actually very good, and in decently sized portions (we were initially wondering if portions would be 35% small as well, heh). Thoroughly enjoyed it, and the boys had a great time relaxing with their cold beers.

Deep fried calamari and spicy chicken wings


Cowboy burger


Club sandwich


Nomming on a carrot stick, which Hunter thinks are french fries 😛


Got some Japanese Hokkaido ice cream for dessert – it was luscious!


Chris and Hunter watching a street performer


Baby Casanova tip #2: if the girl likes animals, dress up as one!


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

“But it’s also made me realise that we must be even more vigilant about ensuring our children mind their “P’s and Q’s” and proactively demonstrate the concept of sharing, courtesy and good manners.” – Good on you Bev! I come from a generation where we were warned by my parents BEFORE going out that we were NOT to be naughty and to be well behaved. Parents those days were not afraid of disciplining us when we were out of hand outside…nowadays like what you have noticed it *is* kind of sickening to see parents silently (or not) encouraging kids to be selfish little prats. Not sure about some of these new fangled “methods of parenting” but discipline has never ruined anyone (well, I think so anyways..hehe) I’m all for kids being kids…but wow…sometimes I wish I could go up to parents and slap some sense into them:P

I fully agree! I don’t know why parents turn a blind eye when their kid is rude to others.. and some actively encourage it – so awful. It’s gonna give us a whole generation of self-entitled and nasty people 🙁

“It’s gonna give us a whole generation of self-entitled and nasty people :(”

I think we are already there. So many people don’t seem to understand the concept of queuing, or waiting your turn, or thanking someone for a service. And that’s the adults, who are responsible for inculcating behaviour in children. It’s no wonder there are so many little brats around.

It really is sad to see.. and frustrating too cos you can’t even discipline their kids! And I guess schools can only do so much :X

HI Beverly,

What is that icecream you tried? It looks like an interesting colour.

And from a previous post – what are these Japanese mascaras that create little tubes? I’m thinking Clinique might have something, one that washes off in water, and it comes away in little strands. I’m forever looking at thickening and lengthening mascaras. I’ve had silk lash extensions before, but I tend to fiddle with them. LOL – I don’t usually touch my face or fidget, only with the lash extensions which makes them fall out a little faster: pointless!