One week on this earth!


Snoozin’ away


Lunging himself forward to try and get out of the basket πŸ˜‰


It’s been a crazy past week. Time has flown! We’ve been busy adjusting to life with TWO kids now, and have been establishing some sort of a routine.

Since Carter sleeps 90% of the time, the days are pretty easy and I can also nap when Hunter does his 2-hour afternoon nap. Like all newborns, if not sleeping or breastfeeding, Carter just chills out and looks around.. which gives us time to spend with Hunter, who so far is adjusting pretty well and still loves his baby brother.

Evenings are the most manic. Or rather, every thing is timed to the minute to ensure both kids are fed, bathed and tucked in at the same time every night. First Hunter has his dinner, then Carter has his bath (whilst Hunter potters around and looks on), then I breastfeed Carter and tuck him into bed whilst Chris gives Hunter his bath. Then I join them for bedtime play and storybook before we both tuck Hunter into bed… all by 8PM. It’s like a military operation! I guess time becomes super precious when you have “two under two”..

Anyway, here is Carter’s first bath at home, delivered under Hunter’s close supervision:


Helping Dad to wrap Carter up snug and warm after his bath


Helping to dress Carter by putting on his socks


Giving Carter a good night kiss (he dishes them out proactively, too cute!!)


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

WOW u get Carter in bed by 8pm. Does he sleep through the night already? That’s amazing. Maybe I need to try that hehe. Hunter is so sweet to his little bro!

Heh no wayyyyy… I wish! We finish his bedtime routine and he’s tucked into bed at around 7PM, but wakes every 3hrs or so to breastfeed.

Hi beverly! congrats on your delivery:) just asking – do u observe the traditional chinese confinement practice?

Sort of but not really..! A lot of the superstitions are medically unfounded or only made sense centuries ago in rural winter China. I do like quite a few of the food dishes so I’m happy to eat those, and I really like the tea. I didn’t wash my hair til Day 8 because I personally felt that was appropriate, but I did shower daily. Guess I pick and choose! πŸ˜›

Hi Beverly!
Congratulations on your new born! I have been a quiet reader of your blog think ever since hunter was born:)
So… I thought to drop u a comment as i have two kids just like you and also they are the same age gap:) but they are both girls. I just delivered mine 4 mths ago. haha.
I totally understand how it is like in the evenings for u cos we are doing the same kinda routine as well. Everyone in bed by 8 pm! So its a madhouse at tt time. Totally can relate to that. πŸ™‚ just that sometimes the little one seems a little cranky in the initial months so its a lot of trial and error on my side.
Hope the routine for yours stays:) cos its impt for us parents to have tt off time:)
Anyway, U Have fun taking care of the two kiddos! Its amazing to watch the kids grow together though it can be hair tearing at first!

How cool that our kids have the same age gap Colleen! How is your older one handling it all, 4 months on? Hunter is ok, but I’m wondering if it’s only cos we are a week in…. and if he’ll get hit by jealousy a few months on?

Fully agree it’s madness between 6-8pm, LOL. Keeping to the timing is key!!

He gets excited when he’s on all fours and tries to crawl.. except he can’t, so he just randomly lurches himself forward, lol!

oh how cute! that Hunter dishes out kisses proactively! and carter is such a darling! love the photos of him on the basket πŸ™‚