Food reviews - Shanghai, Uncategorized MA BOON KRONG THAI RESTAURANT 22 November 2009

Ma Boon Krong
4/F Hong Kong New World Tower
300 Huaihai Zhong Lu (????300?)
Shanghai, China

PRICE: ????

I’ve heard time and time again that Ma Boon Krong is the place to go for great Thai food. I haven’t managed to find any FANTASTIC Thai food in Shanghai yet (Simply Thai is good, but just a bit too catered for expats, you just don’t feel you’re getting the real deal), so was keen to try this place out. It’s a large restaurant, impressively decorated complete with dancing Thai girls and musicians.

Their menu is just flat-out impressive. I wish I’d taken a photo of it! It was a pictorial menu with tantalising photos of their dishes, and there were a ton of dishes. The selection was just incredible, and had lots of unusual dishes we’d never heard of before. Like the Scallops on baguette, smothered with creamy curry sauce, which we immediately decided we had to order. It was an awesome looking dish – scallops sitting jauntily atop thick slices of baguette, and totally covered in a rich curry gravy. The scallops were nice and tasted fresh, and went really well with the baguette, but because the sauce soaked the baguette the edges became really different to cut with a knife and we had to struggle to cut it up. The creamy curry gravy was delicious – only very lightly curry flavoured so it was almost like a creamy cheese sauce.

I was keen to try the Beef brisket curry which is basically a Mussamun curry. It came in a ceramic pot and kept warm with a small candle underneath – cute! The beef brisket was ultra tender and there was a very decent portion. Fantastic with plain white rice, I could drink the creamy gravy just like that!

Dessert was a shared Fresh mango and sticy rice. Cool, sweet, juicy mango with a dollop of warm sticky rice drizzled with sweet coconut cream. Need I say more? πŸ™‚

Ma Boon Krong

Scallops on baguette, smothered with creamy curry sauce

Beef brisket curry

Fresh mango and sticy rice

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