FOOD, Food reviews - Singapore PAY WHAT YOU DEEM FIT @ PAPA PALHETA 23 June 2012

I smugly thought I’d discovered this hidden gem when I went to Papa Palheta. Turns out I’m one of the LAST people to have discovered and visited this tiny little coffee shop, so it seems! If you’re a coffee aficionado, this will be old news to you.. but nevertheless I was quite excited about Papa Palheta and wanted to blog about it.

The highly unusual concept is that you pay whatever price you want for your cup of coffee. SAY WHAT?? You’d never think a concept like this would work in Singapore.. but I was surprised it actually does. They don’t collect money, you just drop whatever amount you want in their little basket. That cute concept alone had me eager to go there to check it out 😉

It’s tucked in a back alley by the highway, and has such subtle signage you can easily walk past and not realise it’s a cafe. Surprisingly, it was totally full on a weekday afternoon, so I suppose it goes to show coffee drinkers know their way around to find good coffee 😉

Nondescript entrance of Papa Palheta


Past the entrance and in the little alley


Papa Palheta pride themselves as an “independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee.” It’s obvious they take coffee really seriously, and actually gently advised us “try the coffee as-is, without sugar”. REALLY?!?! I never have my coffee sugarless, but it was incredible how theirs really didn’t require sugar. It was rich and milky and smooth.. with not the slightest bitter taste.

Brewing away


Vintage memorabilia dotted around the tiny shop


The basket where you pay what you want


I thoroughly enjoyed the coffee and wish it was in a more mainstream location, not a random standalone place by the highway. However, I’d definitely drop in if I’m in the area.

My only wish is that they fill the ENTIRE cup with coffee. Mine was around half-full and considering the cup is already fairly small, it left me gagging for me as the coffee is so good.

Delectable coffee


Happy with my coffee!

I guess the question people wanna ask is, “So how much did YOU pay for your coffee, Bev?” Well, I paid $10 for 3 cups. I figured that was a decent price because the cups weren’t large (and mine was half-full), and I personally feel it’s the right price taking into consideration the prices of local coffee and western coffee prices here.

That said, I have the feeling people that visit Papa Palheta tend to pay around $2-5 for a cup. Which I do feel is more-or-less alright.

How much would you pay for a great cup of coffee?


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Let's Chat!

Definitely true about that advice on having coffee without sugar. If the coffee is good, you won’t need sugar.

I’ve been wanting to go to Papa Palheta! But, I haven’t got a chance to do so yet, esp. since each trip back to sg is a whirlwind one. Definitely will have to go there the next time I’m back!

I never really thought about that, but now I do it makes a difference!

Ooh you should check it out next time then if you’re a coffee person 🙂

Hello Beverly,

Thanks for the recommendation and write up on your blog. Will definitley go & try.

I would like to recommend you a cafe with home made pastries, some food & beverages by an Aussie lady. It is located along Purvis Street, not far from Saveur. Sorry I did not take note of the cafe’s name. When I saw Lamingtons(sold out on that day), my intuition told me the owner is an Aussie. She told me have chocolate icing lamingtons too which I have not come across. I love the Aussie chocolate lamingtons. I bought the orange almond cake and it is nice. Would be better if the orange taste is stronger.

If you happen to be in Carrefour at Suntec, there is a cafe outside call Joe &……… selling pastries, beverages. Their cranberry wheat cake is nice. Next trip I am going to try their yoghurt cake.

Bon Appetit.

Annette(Andrea’s aunt)

Ahh that does sound interesting, I will have to check it out next time I’m in the Bugis area. Thank you for both the recs Annette!

It has the same owner as Loysel’s Toy (he actually started Papa Palheta first) so they serve the same coffee.

Yeah it’s why Loysel’s is my fave cafe/coffee place. But, I still think Papa Palheta’s coffee is better.. guess it’s also the barista!