Australia, FOOD, Food reviews, HOLIDAYS, Living in... Australia HOW I’VE MISSED FOOD IN AUSTRALIA! 26 May 2012

Australia, and especially Sydney, was quite specifically a foodie trip for us. Not a massive lot of shopping (I know, SHOCK HORROR!!!!!) since we had baby in tow, but more of visiting all our oldies-but-goodies food places. Places where we dined at when we were dating 12 years ago (!!), places that bring back memories for us, and places that we wanted to share with Hunter.

I didn’t get round to photographing ALL the places that we ate at, particularly when I forgot or when we were busy looking after Hunter, but here’s a quick snapshot for me to remember 🙂

This below is Pyrmont Fish Markets. Any Sydneysider or even tourist will know of this place. It’s actually pretty touristy now but still good 🙂 You get lovely fresh seafood, and sit casual-style by the water and simply enjoy the sunshine. We went early and on a weekday, so it wasn’t crowded and we could relax.


An (extended)-family trip to Pyrmont Fish Markets, our must-go place in Sydney. LOL @ how I look like a swallowed a basketball 😉


The weather was GLORIOUS! Hunter had fun chasing all the seagulls 🙂



And of course, no trip to Sydney is complete without a visit to Kingsford Chinese on Anzac Parade. It’s where we went to a couple of times a week when we were both University students, and BY FAR the best Chinese food in Sydney. And this time, we brought Hunter along!

It was pretty funny because thus far, Hunter hadn’t really been eating a whole lot (he’s not used to ‘outside’ food for every meal). But we ordered him a fish congee and he ate SO MUCH of it Chris was actually worried if he would pop 😉 I guess he missed my Mum’s cooking at home! And he must’ve been sick of all the Western food we had been eating during the whole trip, because he went nuts over this Chinese food. The congee was beautifully silky and unsalted (by request), with many big chunks of fish in it. I was so pleased he had a great meal that was healthy too 🙂

Fried rice and sweet & sour fish - our staple at Kingsford Chinese


Not surprisingly, we went to Bills. Not once, not twice, but THREE times! I like the casual ambience, the delicious food, and the whole concept of Bills. The food is seriously overpriced IMHO, but at least it doesn’t disappoint.

Hot chocolate


They lil man chilling out during brunch at Bills


Corn fritters


Hunter's brunch - avocado on sourdough


Dinner at Bills - awesome lamb chops


Simple but delish pesto pasta


Zucchini fries (with Hunter trying to steal one!!!)


And we tried out Kazbah on Darling Harbour for the first time, with our French friends and their 2 adorable lil boys. The day was simply GLORIOUS, with bright sunshine and lovely weather. Actually, every day in Sydney was like that, we were really fortunate!

We thoroughly enjoyed Kazbah and will be back. Excellent food and gorgeous decor/cutlery!

Outside Kazbah on Darling Harbour


Look at his eyes!!! Gorgeous much??


Chris entertaining the 2 kids


Turkish tea and Turkish coffee, served in beautifully ornate cups


A storm of yummy dishes


One of the BEST pancakes ever. This was 1" thick and the size of a large dinner plate!! YAY!!


Eyeing his Turkish candy. He ate them ALL 😉


Strolling across the bridge in the bright sunshine


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

Did you manage to finish the pancake? We went with family a while back and my 8 year old nephew barely made a dent in it (and he’s a big eater)! 🙂 Food at Bills you can never fault but I agree it’s on the expensive side. Have you ever tried Fratelli Fresh? SMH awarded them one hat in the Good Food Guide. We go to the original one in Waterloo but there is one at Potts Point and a newish one in the city. Food is just beautiful, fresh ingredients (they are suppliers of fresh food) and pricing is very reasonable (servings are very generous).

There were 4 of us so we did finish it, it was SO GOOD!! One of the nicest pancakes we’ve had in the world, though it’s def nowhere near a ‘regular’ pancake in terms of taste and texture.

I haven’t tried Fratelli Fresh and wish we had… next time we will – thanks for the tip:)