Birthdays, Food reviews - Singapore MUM’S BIRTHDAY LUNCH @ BOTAK’S BACKYARD 22 December 2011

Botak’s Backyard
130E Minden Road
Dempsey Hill
RATING: ???–

We celebrated Mum’s birthday with lunch at Botak’s Backyard. Botak Jones is a famous chain in Singapore that sells Western food at really reasonable prices, and are normally found in the cheaper areas around the city. But they’ve launched Botak’s Backyard which is more of a relaxed restaurant in the fancy Dempsey Hill area.

The environment at Botak’s Backyard is reallyΒ nice – very green and quiet, and you sit outdoors in the patio sipping a cold beer and chowing down on good ‘ol steak. Prices are a little more expensive, I think, but I suppose you pay for the location.

I’d say that the food didn’t seem as good as the other Botak Jones (cheaper) outlets, but I’ve only been here once so I can’t say for sure if it’s normally better. Don’t get me wrong – the food was fine and tasty (in particular the fish & chips was fab), but nothing much to shout about. Nice service though, and it was good to chill out for a quiet afternoon!

Botak's Backyard at Dempsey


Old Colonial feel with the whites and dark browns


Pretty garden area


Birthday girl πŸ™‚


Poor boy couldn't eat our food, so had to content himself with a rusk


I ordered the Beer battered fish & chips, because I simply cannot RESIST when I see fish & chips on the menu πŸ˜‰ It was fantastic. No complaints. So glad I got it! Soft tender fish encased in crispy light batter, fried to a delicious golden brown. Excellent.



Beer battered fish & chips


The Steak, which was what everyone else ordered, was surprisingly average. Normally Botak Jones do great steaks, so I’m hoping that if/when we go back it’ll be heaps better. It was just a regular piece of meat that wasn’t particularly melt-in-your-mouth, and I found the corn-on-the-cob really bland.. it didn’t even come with garlic butter πŸ™



Dessert was a Lana CakeΒ that I bought for Mum. Props to Botak’s Backyard, by the way, for not charging ‘cake-age’ – really hate it when a restaurant does that! As usual, the Lana Cake was freaking fantastic πŸ™‚

Hunter, particularly pleased with all this attention and signing


Blowing out the candles!


Lana Cake.... mmmmmmmmm....


Let’s Chat!

Let's Chat!

look at hunter in the second last picture!! i can tell he is not so sure about the cake or the chocolate or the candles! wait till he tastes it! πŸ™‚

lol. happy birthday bev’s momma!!! xx

actually, H probably could have eaten your fish (no batter). chips too if you let him! how’s the porridge diet going for him?

Actually… I did do that, heh! I dug out some of the fish, and he was happy.

Man he LOVES that rice poridge, noms it up like happy man πŸ™‚