Fitness MY REAL BODY AGE 14 September 2011

Part of my package at Selective Fitness providesย a Body Age test. It’s a fun but startling way of figuring out your body’s true age and health. What it entails is a consultation and then you step on the machine that reads the body fat, muscle mass etc in your body to estimate your true Body Age.

During the consultation, it was pretty clear that my regular diet is pretty shocking, as it’s high in sugar, salt and fat… but low in fruit and veg. Oops. And so the advice is to increase that, and decrease the amount of carbs. Ummm easier said than done, but I will try!!

And so it turns out I clock in at:

Resting heart rate – 65 (average, not too bad)
Muscles – less in legs and trunk (surprising. I guess all my carrying Hunter around has helped my upper-body!)
Visceral fat – 1 (means I have the least possible amount of fat around my organs. Yay!)
BMI – 17.6 “nutritional deficiency” (how rude! I personally don’t think I can be ranked as this, as I don’t look anywhere near deficient………)
Body fat – 20.9% (can’t remember how this compares but I think a little below Average. A bit crap, as I remember that pre-pregnancy I was < 18%)
Body Age – 18 years old (OMG LOL)

People that know me in real life reckon I’m bluffing cos NO WAY I can have a Body Age of 18, cos of the stuff I eat. And I also personally think it’s a bit mad, since I clearly remember my 18 year old body more than ten years ago (*sniff*) and my body now most definitely doesn’t resemble that hahahaaha.

But the trainer explained that we shouldn’t take the number at face value, but rather to view it as a benchmark, a stake in the ground. So what it means that instead of gloating and continuing along on my crap diet, I need to improve my diet and exercise and do the test in a few months – and see if my number decreases or al least stay the same. Then at least that means I am doing well. D’oh ๐Ÿ˜›

So there you have it. Unfortunately I still have to watch my food intake and up my exercise… well, let’s hope it doesn’t increase next time I check!!

Check out Selective Fitness if you’re keen to know yours too. They do trial classes for new peeps and the Body Age consult comes free with a 10 session package. w00t!


In the Pilates room, about to get my Body Age consult


Mr Marshmallow Arms gives moral support ๐Ÿ˜‰


An 18 year old body *ahem*, though it certainly doesn’t feel ย like one to me, heh!


Celebrating with babyflite over some Carls Jr afterwards… mmmm… (yes, I sort of forgot about the whole “cut down on carbs” advice. Worth the naughtiness though, these are freakin’ amazing!)

And so in the spirit of ‘exercising more frequently’, the Muay Thai class was promptly signed up for at Selective Fitness ๐Ÿ˜› it’s a high cardio class, which involves some moves on the ground and also practicing arm and leg reps on the PowerPlate machines. Was rather fun cos I thrive on high-intensity classes and we got to throw some fun punches too, heh!


This is how ickleoriental and I resolve our differences


’nuff said.

Letโ€™s Chat!

Let's Chat!

G’day Beverly,

Your body age is 18 cause you’re still “young at heart”!!!

Seems like you’re enjoying your fitness routine. But, are you going to learn some more pole dancing / ballet moves?

๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜‰

You did yours straight after giving birth though… which is just INSANE! Also, Sammy said mine is skewed cos the test heavily factors in Body Fat %. Kinda makes sense considering you’re the triathelete here……