Carter, HUNTER, CARTER & CHLOE, Things my kids say... WHAT’S BIGGER, THE STOMACH OR THE HEART? 7 January 2018


This kid is a serious foodie. In fact, when I was looking for a recent photo of him to go with this post, I realised about 90% of the photos of him are either of him 1) eating, or 2) working/playing piano.

He adores his food and is a bit of a connoisseur. Happy to try out food, can articulate clearly what he wants to eat, and thoroughly enjoys food.

His favourite treat is the egg custard tart, also known as ‘dan tart’.. you know, the pastry with the yellow eggy custard filling that they serve at yum cha. So, sometimes, my parents will buy him one as a treat, after his dinner.

Today, I told him I was going to pop over to our neighbour’s to pass her something. They have kids there that he gets along with and adores, so he was super excited to follow me over to say Hi.

“Well, hurry up and finish your dessert then”, I said, ”then we can go over.”

He looked at it for a second or two.. paused.. then carefully said “I don’t want it anymore.”

I looked at him, agog. Was he suddenly not interested in his favourite dan tart?

“I want to bring it over and give it to my friends.”


Oh this kid. If his heart was any bigger he would explode.


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