FOOD, My recipes, Uncategorized BEEF RENDANG, BROCOLLINI & RICE 23 October 2006

Made a Beef Rendang, Brocollini with Oyster Sauce and Rice for dinner. Okay okay, I cheated, I didn’t actually make the Beef Rendang 😉 I’ve tried doing so before and it was a disaster, so I decided to go for the (still homemade) version, but by a stall called, the elusive, Jackie M. Apparently they have an actual restaurant down south of the City, but the only information I could find online was their take-away homemade Malaysian menu. Fortunately, they always have a stall at the Chatswood night markets every Thursday night.. so I get my fix every few weeks when I pop by for dinner. I always have their Nasi Lemak which is fantastic and comes in a huge portion – brilliant!

But back to the point. Their Beef Rendang. We bought the frozen pack and I was a little wary that zapping it in the microwave would make the beef tough. Not so! The beef simply fell apart at the mere poke of a fork, and the flavours were super-strong and delightful. Really delicious Rendang with a generous helping out sauce so you can eat it with plain white rice. We’re definitely going back and getting more of those frozen packs in other dishes, I’m can pop them in the freezer and have it for a quick dinner – it’s honestly one of the nicest, freshest frozen dinners I’ve had (ie. it tastes freshly-cooked).

Anyway, I decided to cook up some Brocollini with Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil, which took a grand total of about 2 mins. All served with some fluffy white rice and a scattering of crisp-fried onions. Verdict? “Sooooooo good, I’m going to faint”, says Chris.

Beef Rendang, Brocollini with Oyster Sauce and Rice