PERSONALS ADS IN SHANGHAI 13 December 2009 in Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized

Men and women, all seeking foreign men. Oh to be a young, single, white male here! Poor Chris – I’ve deprived him of all his… options 😛

LIVE FROM SHANGHAI 7 December 2009 in Ferrets, Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized


CITY WEEKEND 15 November 2009 in Food reviews, Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized

My review of Haiku by Hatsune appeared in Shanghai’s ‘City Weekend’ magazine.. I wasn’t told, so it was a bit surprising when I was flipping through the pages and suddenly saw my face staring right back at me, *lol*!

JUST A LITTLE PARTY 11 November 2009 in Living in... Shanghai, Meme quizzes, Uncategorized

A little part our compound threw for its residence, so sweet 🙂 Playing some Chinese musical instrument – it was so impressive! Hahaha! True though, that I’m the eternal optimist. People Love That You’re Witty and Funny You’re the person who always can spin...

MUM AND DAD IN SHANGHAI! (part 2) 8 November 2009 in Family, Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized

More bits and bobs from gallavanting around town whilst Mum and Dad were here visiting. So much fun!! Super cute pic of Mum and Dad! Queuing for our lunch at a place near my work, where I go about twice a week. They are...