IT’S JUST SO HARD TO SAY GOODBYE 27 April 2011 in Ferrets, Uncategorized

It’s been a month of big change for us. But one major, sad, change is the re-homing of Star. Since Hunter was born, we’ve had much less time to let her out to play and dance around the place. It was really unfair to...

MY ‘LIL GIRL 7 February 2011 in Ferrets, Uncategorized

The last ever photo of Misty, curled up next to Star. Awwww….

RIP MISTY (31 JANUARY 2011) 1 February 2011 in Ferrets, Uncategorized

RIP Misty (31 January 2011) Our lil girl had been on-off for the past few months, but managed to pull through each time. But yesterday, she was extremely lethargic, couldn’t move, and had difficulty breathing. Not a “I’m sick” disposition, but a “I’m just...

Sent from my BlackBerry 21 December 2010 in Ferrets, Uncategorized

Little snuggle-bums

SHANGHAI SNOW 16 December 2010 in Ferrets, Living in... Shanghai, Uncategorized

After the excitement of yesterday’s snow, we woke up to absolutely frigid temperatures today. The snow hadn’t melted overnight, but it’s this glorious soft powder-snow that’s dry. So I’m thankful it’s not that gross and grey slushy kind when it’s all half-melted! It’s actually...