Halloween, Living in... Singapore HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2018! 26 November 2018


We had a little black cat greet the little trick or treaters when they came to the door. It was pretty tough, though, trying to get her to realise you GIVE the candy out….. and not have a meltdown and try to yank it back!


My three little kidlets! And because I am a terrible social-media mum (ahem), I didn’t spend hours leading up to Halloween putting together that perfect outfit. I’ll be really frank – the kids don’t care anyway, so I’d only be doing it to post photos online and not actually FOR THEM. 

So……. random outfit time it was!

Hunter was in his Iron Man pyjamas. 

Chloe was in a black tee/leggings and kitty ears (all gifts from friends). Her kitty tail was just a bit of scrap felt I found in the cupboard, wrapped around a metal clothing hanger. 

Carter was in a Captain America (his all time favourite character since he was a toddler) costume that Chris got on business trip in the USA.


That ridiculous DIY kitty tail! Eeeee!!


The boys were running amok all over the place, trick or treating with their friends. So I didn’t get many photos of them (short of a few blurry ones). Thankfully, this little kitty stuck close to us. She wasn’t as freaked out by all the BOO-ing as we’d imagined!


Kitty meets two little cute witches. 


Greeting the neighbours. She was surprisingly friendly, very different to her usual stranger-danger self.


Admiring photos of herself, LOL.


Some of the neighbours had truly epic Halloween-decked out homes. Some too dark and scary (LOL) to photograph…! This one, above, was a long tunnel with monsters scaring the kids. 

Carter’s face says it all. Haha!


Happy Halloween everyone! Hope you had a great time and OD’d on candy!



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